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Review: Dark Magic by Rebecca York

Dark Magic by Rebecca York
Erotica, Fantasy Romance, Dragons
Ebook $2.99 (Novella, CARINA PRESS)
Audiobook $4.95

Marrying her father's barbaric enemy for political gain is not the future that Princess Devon imagines for herself. She prefers escaping into the world of magic and legend described in books—books that suggest just how a princess could take the safety of a kingdom into her own hands.
When Devon awakens one night to find the mysterious Galladar in her chamber, the lines between myth and reality begin to blur. Before he disappears into the night, the two share an intimate encounter that leaves her determined to follow her heart.
Devon leaves the castle on a quest to find the mythical dragon who can free her kingdom forever and release her from her father's plan. She's prepared to do whatever it takes to make her future her own. However, when she finds Galladar again, will she be forced to choose between her kingdom and her happiness?

Author Site: RebeccaYork.com

Paint-by-Numbers Plot, Squick-Inducing Romance (2 stars)

Princess Devon's daddy is not much of a king... or so the story tells us. He keeps his daughter locked up to preserve her virginity for some future marriage brokering. She's so innocent and pure but she's well educated. A shrinking violet who's not afraid to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her people. Only she is afraid and she's just strengthened by the mysterious man who keeps magically entering her room for some no-penetration pleasuring.

Yeeeeah... I picked this one up because I've been wanting to sample some dragon romances and the novella length seemed like it'd allow for a nice bite. Instead the readers gets saddled with a TSTL heroine who bounces between brave, educated noblewoman and panicked virgin who's dying to shed the chastity belt (not literally, thank goodness). When the hero keeps magically appearing in her room she does the idiotic thing and instead of screaming or getting the guards she lets him sample her goods. But no penetration... she has to stay a virgin to save her kingdom. Dad's at war with a barbarian horde and plans to trade her off to their leader to save their people.

Instead of doing anything smart Devon decides to dress up as a boy and run away in search of some legendary dragon she was able to learn about in her secretive studies of magic. But there are rape-hungry barbarians outside of the keep and the mysterious magic guy doesn't want her to find the dragon. This story is about as original as white bread. I kept hoping I'd be surprised but it was mostly nausea inducing not-intercourse sex tempered with a TSTL heroine's fumblings and a boring hero shrouded in mysteriousness because without that he'd be pointless.

It's unusal I dislike a story and feel like I need to rant about the things I found problematic but this is the first story I wanted to throw across the room in ages. If you like TSTL virgin heroines that scream 'special snowflake' and lots of erotic scenes with lots mentions of fluids pick this one up. Otherwise I'd suggest a pass and pick up The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance and read York's short "The Sacrifice" which is very similar in storyline to this one but far better in execution.

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Notes: ARC received from NetGalley.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Thanks for the review. Honestly -- the first you wanted to throw across the room in rage. You are much better person than I am! I have had a dozen or so across the span of my reading that I have THROWN across the room. <--- the only real downside to e-books.


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