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It's Monday, Get Your TV On! [Paranormal, Scifi and Bookish TV Shows]

Monday: Alphas on Syfy and The Lying Game on ABC Family
Tuesday: Pretty Little Liars and The Nine Lives of Chloe King on ABC Family
Sunday: True Blood on HBO

The Lying Game
Season 1, Episode 1
In the series premiere of this drama, identical twins Emma and Sutton (Alexandra Chando) meet for the first time, and foster kid Emma agrees to temporarily assume Sutton's privileged life while Sutton researches their biological mother. However, when Sutton doesn't return, Emma must decide whether to continue the charade.(synopsis via TVguide.com)

Season 1, Episode 6
"Bill & Gary's Excellent Adventure"
Gary and Bill take an outside case, which puts their powers to the test.(synopsis via TVguide.com)

Pretty Little Liars
Season 2, Episode 10
"Touched by an 'A'-ngel"
Aria feels torn about how to view Jason when Spencer and Emily paint him in a negative light. Meanwhile, Hanna makes an effort to get along with her future stepsister; and mounting pressure from "A" drives Emily close to the edge. (synopsis via TVguide.com)

The Nine Lives of Chloe King
Season 1, Episode 10
"Beautiful Day"
Chloe makes secret plans to meet with her dad. Meanwhile, Brian reunites with his grandmother, who he thought was dead; and Alek is devastated when he overhears Chloe admit to her mom that she's in love with Brian. (synopsis via TVguide.com)

True Blood
Season 4, Episode 9
A Festival of Tolerance in Shreveport finds Marnie plotting another strike against the vampires, much to Tara and Holly's dismay. Meanwhile, a recuperating Sookie mulls a world where Bill and Eric can coexist; contrasting agendas create friction between Bill and Nan Flanagan; Hoyt asks Jason for a favor; Marcus recruits an ally to deal with Sam; and Jesus tends to Lafayette's spiritual well-being. (synopsis via TVguide.com)

P.S. Check out MTV's new show Death Valley... premieres August 29th.

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