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Weekend Reading [07/01-07/04] :: Have a Read, White & Blue holiday weekend!

Yes, the 'mispelling' of Red as Read was completely intentional. I'm such a nerd for puns. But with this being a big weekend of celebration shared by the U.S. and our Northern neighbor, Canada... it seemed fitting. I hope there's lots of fun planned all around and wish everyone a safe celebration.

The hubs and I have spent the better part of the last week hauling 5 gallon buckets of top soil from our front yard to the back. We'd had a wheelbarrow to use but it broke so it was unusable for a couple of days. Let me tell you... you wanna get buff arms and burn some calories? Help someone haul dirt. I'm covered in bruises (I do bruise easily but still) after all of this and sooo ready for it to just be done! I fell asleep reading Kindling the Moon last night. I know I've been working on it for what seems like days but I haven't had a lot of reading time between the dirt project and well...

I had bookish plans with the MIL for yesterday but her cat—a cat given to my husband by one of his high school girlfriends that he couldn't take when he moved out on his own—she's been suddenly acting weird. Turned out her kidney problem meds were causing issues which lead to her being blind and to make a really lengthy and sad story short... the vet said she was going to be better but as soon as she got home Cat (lol she had a name but they called her Cat instead) began having a seizure. Back to the vet they went and they sedated her to see if she'd get stablized, sent my MIL home with a promise to call at closing time but shortly after Cat died. :( After making phone calls to Adam at work all day to find out if he wanted to be there (they were discussing if she might need to be put to sleep before she passed without assistance) and dealing with how upset it made our son... well yeah it was one long, exhausting day. To make it worse, today is my MIL's birthday. *head/desk*

I think our weekend will be just a little more quiet than most. Probably some dinner with the 'rents-in-law tonight and on Monday but the hubs has to work all this weekend so we don't have any special vacationy plans. How will y'all spend your weekend? I know not everyone has a holiday weekend but if you do how are you spending the holiday? I'm hoping to nosh some barbeque, start Deathwish by Rob Thurman, and finally get Beastly watched with my kids. My son and I 'read' the audiobook together last summer and he loved it so I promised we'd rent it when it came out on DVD but everytime I've tried to get him to come home from running around with his buddies to watch it he farts around till it's too close to bedtime. Am I the meanest mom ever to still have a set—if much later than his normal—bedtime even in summer?

Well dearies I am off to get my butt moving. Gotta get a gift lined up for the MIL. She's easy to shop for since she shares my passion for reading but she mentioned her desire to get an MP3 player so I thought it might be a good idea to look into them. I just need something that's SUPER easy to use and load with music. She's not a huge technology nut so that makes it a tough choice. Ah well. Have a fab weekend all! Let me know what you're reading and celebrating and doing... me WANT comments! -- Rhi

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