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Review: Girl vs. Ghost by Kate McMurry and Marie August

Girl vs Ghost (Misdirected Magic #1) by Kate McMurry and Marie August
Young Adult, Ghosts, Witchcraft
Hardcover $15.95 (242 pages, BLAZING STAR PRESS)
Paperback $8.95 (242 pages, BLAZING STAR PRESS)
Ebook $0.99

Girl vs Ghost is a young-adult, paranormal, romantic comedy suitable for all ages.
Isabel Lindley doesn’t believe in magic, but her best friend is obsessed with witchcraft. Strictly as a favor, Isabel agrees to help with a spell and is shocked when the ghost of a teenage boy splat-lands in her bedroom. Her friend is thrilled—even though only Isabel can see or hear the ghost—but Isabel is horrified. She’s the most ordinary sixteen-year-old girl on the planet. What is she supposed to do with a ghost who doesn’t know his own name, how he died, or why the heck he’s tied to Isabel with a psychic chain? Her only hope to take back her life is to help him solve the mystery of his demise so he can go to the Light. Or wherever. She’s not particular, as long as the ghost is gone.

Author Site: www.misdirectedmagic.com

Lukewarm All-Ages Friendly Paranormal Dabbling (3 stars)

When Isabel's best friend, Tripp, wrangles her into helping with a little bit of spell casting the last thing she expects is to wind up with a handsome guy practically plopped into her lap. She especially doesn't expect it to be a ghost with a bad case of amnesia that only she can see. Complicating matters is the psychic rope binding him to her by a handful of feet. If Isabel wants to get rid of her haunting companion she'll have to unearth the mystery of who he is, how he died and just why he's tied to her anyway!

I wanted to like GIRL VS GHOST much more than I did. I love the originality of the premise and I really liked Marie's webcomic of the first chapter. Unfortunately this story is excrutiatingly tame aside from a few uses of the B-word and as an adult reader who enjoys grittier teen reads it just didn't quite work for me as a reader. On the flip-side I think this would be a great one for the tween to early teen set who might not be ready for meatier fare. When I can pin my almost-13-year-old stepkid down I'm going to have to see what she thinks of it because I think this is right up her alley.

The actual storyline is fresh but flows from conflict to conflict with the resolutions coming a little too easily. I occasionally felt like I wasn't getting enough insight into why each character was motivated, more attention to character development would have pleased me. Honestly I didn't like any of the characters perhaps in part because of the aforementioned lack of development but primarily as a result of odd behavior/reactions that just didn't feel natural. The story ended on a very flat note and the first word that popped into my head was 'lackluster'.

Keeping all of my personal preferences in mind GIRL VS GHOST fits its publisher's intended demographic perfectly. The 12-16 age range reader in search of clean, humorous paranormal titles will probably love this series. Adult readers, unless that's what you're looking for this just won't do it for you.

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Notes: Received Review Copy from Author.

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