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Weekend Reading [06/24-06/26] :: Yay, True Blood is back!

Sometimes Fridays are like an oasis in the desert. You see it there in the distance and just when you think you've reached it... *poof*

This week's Friday was definitely one of those. Hubs and I have been spending our evenings digging a trench in our backyard to put in an underground gutter system. Owning a house is awesome until you start having to do stuff like this. Not that I mind the digging, I was always digging in the dirt as a kid, but I am SUPER allergic to mosquito toxin and the bugs are bad right now. I've been sick for days with it now. Ugh!

Aside from our whole backyard overhaul, of course, Sunday is the Season 4 premiere of True Blood! Since hub's mom got hooked on it thanks to me we usually get together for a barbecue and watch. Dinner as a family and some TV time? Sounds like a perfect Sunday evening to me. :)

Gonna try and get Cameo the Assassin finished sometime this weekend. I also started Kindling the Moon by Jenn Bennett which is pretty great so far.

As I'm trying to type this up from the iPad I'm gonna keep this short. Don't forget to enter the Midsummer's Eve Giveaway before midnight tonight! Have a warm, reading filled weekend and don't forget to watch True Blood and Falling Skies on Sunday! -- Rhi

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