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Weekend Reading [06/10-06/12] :: Reflection on Purrfection

Cats, cats, cats. They've been popping up everywhere in my life this past couple of weeks. Literally!

Sure, I am the minion of two purrty boys—Loki & Cloud—all the time... but the furry monsters are sort of consuming me in other areas. My toddler's obsession with Hello Kitty. My dad adopting a kitten after losing his pal of twelve years earlier this year. A black cat as part of my current read, Hexes and Hemlines. Not to mention all of the kitty-cat stuff from The Nine Paths to Chloe King game. I even saw a 2" tall Bastet figure at the Goodwill when I dropped in looking for used books today.

Love them or hate them they have a way of either demanding your attention or refusing to give you theirs. I will forever be a cat lover but damn if I wouldn't mind a break from all the love and attention they've been bashing me over the head with lately.

All of this feline flavor has got me thinking about hosting some kind of Cat Week... maybe a list of favorite cats in fiction (Grimalkin you were my first thought), reviews of books featuring cat shapeshifters in both PNR & UF, I dunno... a bunch of wild ideas have been flying around my head. If you think it might be interesting or you'd like to do a guest-review/post if I decide to set it up let me know. :)

In the meantime lovelies the hubs is demanding a flick and popcorn session and I could use a break from Hexes and Hemlines (which has been much more enjoyable than A Cast-Off Coven so far) so I shall relent. Have a wonderful weekend and see ya next week! -- Rhi

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