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The Nine Paths to Chloe King: The Fifth Path

It's Fifth Path time! An urgent email went out to the Circles today letting us know that someone is looking for Chloe King on Twitter. He (or she as the case may be) has photos of Chloe and her dog Buster (do we even know if Chloe has a dog?) and is trying to get intel from us. Lets get out there and feed this bad guy a bunch of confusing lies to throw him off her scent!

Head on over to Twitter and send @Batko614 on a wild goose chase with me.

And don't forget to play the Nine Paths game over at the official site! If you haven't claimed your circle charm yet please head to my First Path post to get the details on how you can get one.

Remember, the Mai are counting on us to protect the Uniter! -- Rhi

Update: I found this cute video by using the clue for the actual clue for the regular game. Awww... now isn't that just adorable? What do you think ironic or lame? :D

Update: And here's the video we were sent to once we finished our part. ;)

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