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Weekend Reading [05/20-05/22] :: A muddy weekend for me...

Here on the high plains of Montana the weather forecast is for seven days of rain. Being a native of Washington this makes me as happy as a clam in mud. There's nothing like a rainy day to bring out my inner "fuckitall". The chores can wait I'm curling up with a cup of tea and a book! Alas, tonight we are supposed to begin the most epic of epic projects... our backyard makeover.

The front yard of our house is nice but small and unfenced and it's a hill. The backyard is flat and fenced and... fugly. The grass is patchy, the yard has slowly mushed down against the fence and we have three scary little steps from the sliding glass door down into the mudpit that the yard has become over the last year. Which means that dad-in-law has stepped in with a rototillerthingy and a plan to give our backyard a lifesaving makeover. Lemme tell ya there's way more to it than that but it'd take forever to explain. Needless to say I don't have a clue whether this weather is going to be a help or a hindrance. Wish us luck that our yard comes out both looking lovely AND literally fixed as far as water drainage issues go.

With the big backyard project going on it looks like I'll be stuck indoors entertaining all 3 of the kids. I'd love to send the big ones out to play but not happenin' with it raining. If they were a few years older they could help with the yard stuff but definitely not this time. I might lose my mind by Monday. :P

My weekend reading will probably consist of finishing Beauty Queenswhich has actually been just over-the-top crazy and funny in an intentionally campy kind of way. It will be really interesting to see the other reviews out there once I've finished mine. I'm curious what other readers have thought about some of the things that have been done with this mishmash of ideas. The other book I've been working on is Jean M. Auel's final Earth's Children series book, The Land of Painted Caves. I definitely have issues with it and being a bad girl have looked at a few reviews already. Hate to say it but the negative reviews really do have a lot of good points and I know I will be echoing several of them.

What are y'all reading this weekend? Any special plans? I'm off to go wrestle the tot back into her pants... yeah what is it with toddlers and being sans pants? *le sigh* Have a great weekend and see ya next week! -- Rhi


Unknown said...

We've been getting an unbelievable amount of rain here.. were 300% above normal! And its suppose to keep raining!

Rhianna said...

Wow! I'm not sure what ours is at but seeing earthworms cruising along out of the ground is unusual here and I've been seeing them everywhere. Poor things.

We did get a short break for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon, just enough I could go out and work in our front flowerbed. I ended up with a mosquito bite on my lower back that is driving me crazy! Definitely gonna be a bad year for the little vampires.


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