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Weekend Reading [05/06-05/08] :: A Mommy's Weekend

I'm keeping the post short and sweet today guys. Having been sick all week I'm so behind on the little things like folding laundry and watering plants that I just haven't the time for much chatter. I know not all of you are mothers but in honor of the holiday I wanted to share something special.

Since it's just the tot and I most of the day the TV is tuned to Disney 90% of the time and their Disney Junior programing features a segment about poetry that the baby LOVES. When it comes on she plants her little butt down in front of the tube and gets super quiet. It's the strangest thing. I'm hoping it's a sign she'll love words and music when she's bigger. ;) What seems to be her very favorite of the poems they've done so far is called Mother's Song and I'll admit that every time I hear it I get little tears in my eyes, it's embarrassing and sappy but hey... my tot and her big brother are the best part of my life (okay and sometimes the worst but if you're a mom you know what I mean by saying both lol). So in honor of the holiday this weekend here is Mother's Song just for you!

I'll be trying to get more reading of Witches of East End done. I can't make up my mind whether I like it or hate it. One thing I will definitely note in my review is that it sounds just like de la Cruz's YA series. Even the sex scene I read the other night felt awkward, like she was trying too hard to be adult. Someone who hasn't read her Blue Bloods books might not find it to be an issue but it is bugging the heck out of me. I also started Laurie London's Bonded by Blood. Definitely digging it so far.

On that note lovelies I am off to get some groveries and do a few chores. Happy Mother's Day fellow mommies and great reads to all! -- Rhi

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Unknown said...

Unfortunately that stuff doesn't keep Connor's interest he needs beat and a lot of it. We keep joking that he is going to be a drummer one day. Anyways Happy Mothers day!


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