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[Insert much sniffling and whining here.]

Still sick. No energy, brain too melted to function at anything near normal capacity. But I have been trying. Really I have! I managed to read a few pages yesterday afternoon before the book I've been concentrating on made me want to start ripping pages out until it gets interesting. Did you know this is de la Cruz's adult debut? I didn't even know until I started wondering why one of the characters is basically an old granny-ish lady. So far this book is just absolutely boring as watching grass grow... no scratch that... grass growing is more interesting. If I was willing to do the DNF without severe duress it might get the axe. Anyone else out there read it and loved it?

So last week I sat down and made a big effort to get my ducks in a row. If you read my guestpost over at Reading Between the Wines Book Club last month you'll remember how shy I am. It is difficult for me to put myself out there for rejection but it was well worth the effort. I am super excited to show you the following books... and let you know I will be having interviews and giveaways coming up over the next three months that relate to these. Which means you gotta keep coming back! ;)

In the meantime guys I'm trying to rest, downing Emergen-C and Dayquil, sick of toast and tea with honey. I'm trying to get my review for RBtWBC's Highlanders week written and mostly just wishing I could call in sick from mom duty. Alas that is not something mommy's can do. I'm sure I'll feel better just in time for the weekend and that's when the housecleaning catch-up will have to begin. Ugh! So much for Mother's Day brunch in bed. Which reminds me... Real Simple had this awesome Foolproof Mother's Day breakfast in bed I was going to nudge my hubs and kid to do but since the hubs works on Sundays there's no way I can have breakfast in bed. Somebody has to be up with the early bird toddler. ;) Awww the sweet joys of mommyhood. *sarcasm*

Anywho hope you're all having a lovely week. I'm off to do a little bit of review writing. -- Rhi

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