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Happy Release Day Stacey Jay!

It almost completely got away from me! Between the wonky long weekend, last week of school stuff, #NinePaths fun and potty training I keep mixing up my days. Seriously... I almost did my Splash Into Summer Hop drawing this morning. *head/desk* Good thing I caught myself before I drew too early.

The good news is that even though I know most of you have no idea who Stacey Jay is... you're gonna know real soon. I refuse to let this excellent book be ignored. Sure you could go out and buy the other exciting releases today such as Magic Slays, Devil Without a Cause (the other book my Kindle is rockin' today), or drop the whopping buckage on the hardcover of Kiss of Snow but if you don't add Dead on the Delta to that list my friends you are missing out!

Still not sure? Stay tuned as I count down the next five reasons I think you should buy it as this week goes on! Or you could just take my word for it because I'm... awesome? LOL I'm trying to sell ya here people it shouldn't take a miracle this book is going to be getting lots of excited buzz now that people can actually read it! Speaking of reading it... I'm off to do just that because methinks y'all will want a review ASAP. -- Rhi

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