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10 Reasons to Buy DEAD ON THE DELTA: Part Two

Been busy wrangling kids and reading most of the day. Would love to have been able to swing a date night with my man this evening but the joy of having three kids is that just when you think you've got them all organized for a sitter or whatever... one of them throws a monkey wrench in it. So instead of dinner for two or fighting for the last bit of popcorn I'm slogging through the Louisiana swamp with Annabelle Lee praying the fairies don't get us. ;) -- Rhi

10 Reasons to Buy DEAD ON THE DELTA: Part Two

Today's list of of reason you HAVE to read Stacey Jay's Dead on the Delta is brought to you by the letter 'B'...

Reason #3:

B is for Bike. Yeah, you read that right. I said bike. We're not talking a Harley here... think Huffy. As in bicycle. Annabelle Lee doesn't need no stinkin' car. She's got two legs, two wheels and a trailer. Environmentally friendly and less likely to result in a DUI.

P.S. - Did you know that May is National Bike Month?

Reason #4:

B is for Beer. In Part One we established that our heroine is a big fan of buffalo wings. It only seems natural that she likes her some beer too. Thing is... I suspect she might be treading the line between loving a few beers after work and being a highly functional alcoholic. Yeah, growing up with one of those has shaded my opinion but I love that she is real. Annabelle definitely has some flaws and I want to explore her world while she's working her stuff out.

Reason #5:

B is for Bayou. There are few places in the world that more lend themselves to urban fantasy than Louisiana. It's just one of those states rich in history and big on culture. Now I've never been there but I've always thought I'd like to. When I'm flipping channels and see people roaming the bayous of Louisiana I can't help but marvel at both how beautiful and dangerous they are. It's the perfect setting for this tale of faeries gone wrong!

Starting to get excited yet? Check out Stacey's great homemade trailer!

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