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I do have promotional openings for October 2017 through February 2018 open so please reach out. Just please drop me an email with a polite request and if I'm interested I will reply.

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Happy Release Day Stacey Jay!

It almost completely got away from me! Between the wonky long weekend, last week of school stuff, #NinePaths fun and potty training I keep mixing up my days. Seriously... I almost did my Splash Into Summer Hop drawing this morning. *head/desk* Good thing I caught myself before I drew too early.

The good news is that even though I know most of you have no idea who Stacey Jay is... you're gonna know real soon. I refuse to let this excellent book be ignored. Sure you could go out and buy the other exciting releases today such as Magic Slays, Devil Without a Cause (the other book my Kindle is rockin' today), or drop the whopping buckage on the hardcover of Kiss of Snow but if you don't add Dead on the Delta to that list my friends you are missing out!

Still not sure? Stay tuned as I count down the next five reasons I think you should buy it as this week goes on! Or you could just take my word for it because I'm... awesome? LOL I'm trying to sell ya here people it shouldn't take a miracle this book is going to be getting lots of excited buzz now that people can actually read it! Speaking of reading it... I'm off to do just that because methinks y'all will want a review ASAP. -- Rhi

The Nine Paths to Chloe King: The Third Path

Hope you had a great weekend everyone. Around my neck of the woods we had heavy rain and a lot of laundry. When I wasn't reading I was anxiously waiting for the start of the Third Path quest. Just when I was starting to think it wasn't coming there was a knock on my front door. Since I wasn't expecting any packages today I was surprised to see FedEx dude walking away. Hmmm...
It seems the Mai wanted we Circles to have a special token. A beautiful silver cat charm! With it was a little note.

"To unmask the ancient Mai script, seek the Bastet in your Book of Mai. A secret waits beneath. Tweet the decoded message using #TheUniter."
Our MaiPads are equipped with the Book of Mai but since I wasn't having any luck there I went to the official game site and used the book there. Sure enough it had just what I needed... the Mai alphabet.
I had it upside down the first time I went to decode it but realized it quickly. Whoopsy! I was pretty sure I already knew what it was going to say as I'd begun to have a hunch about all of this Uniter business and sure enough, I was right!

Oh you want to know too? ;) Well here it is...

Update: Just wanted to share the scroll that came later via Twitter. Very interesting indeed.


10 Reasons to Buy DEAD ON THE DELTA: Part Two

Been busy wrangling kids and reading most of the day. Would love to have been able to swing a date night with my man this evening but the joy of having three kids is that just when you think you've got them all organized for a sitter or whatever... one of them throws a monkey wrench in it. So instead of dinner for two or fighting for the last bit of popcorn I'm slogging through the Louisiana swamp with Annabelle Lee praying the fairies don't get us. ;) -- Rhi

10 Reasons to Buy DEAD ON THE DELTA: Part Two

Today's list of of reason you HAVE to read Stacey Jay's Dead on the Delta is brought to you by the letter 'B'...

Reason #3:

B is for Bike. Yeah, you read that right. I said bike. We're not talking a Harley here... think Huffy. As in bicycle. Annabelle Lee doesn't need no stinkin' car. She's got two legs, two wheels and a trailer. Environmentally friendly and less likely to result in a DUI.

P.S. - Did you know that May is National Bike Month?

Reason #4:

B is for Beer. In Part One we established that our heroine is a big fan of buffalo wings. It only seems natural that she likes her some beer too. Thing is... I suspect she might be treading the line between loving a few beers after work and being a highly functional alcoholic. Yeah, growing up with one of those has shaded my opinion but I love that she is real. Annabelle definitely has some flaws and I want to explore her world while she's working her stuff out.

Reason #5:

B is for Bayou. There are few places in the world that more lend themselves to urban fantasy than Louisiana. It's just one of those states rich in history and big on culture. Now I've never been there but I've always thought I'd like to. When I'm flipping channels and see people roaming the bayous of Louisiana I can't help but marvel at both how beautiful and dangerous they are. It's the perfect setting for this tale of faeries gone wrong!

Starting to get excited yet? Check out Stacey's great homemade trailer!

Looking for MORE #NinePaths Info?

With the long holiday weekend here in the US—and rainy weather country-wide keeping folks indoors—you might find yourself looking for something to occupy your time. If you haven't checked it out yet, The Nine Paths to Chloe King game is just getting into full swing.

'So what is this all about?', some of you are asking.

ABC Family has a new show debuting after the second season premiere my favorite guilty pleasure TV show, Pretty Little Liars, on Tuesday, June 14th. Earlier this week bloggers and journalists who had previously been invited to participate received lovely game boxes with items inside to be used in nine paths or quests to promote the show, The Nine Lives of Chloe King.

So far we've completed the First and Second Paths, using our MaiPads (custom iPads) we're learning more about the mythology of the Mai, the race of cat-like people Chloe King belongs to. As we continue down the Paths I will be adding links to my post for each in the righthand sidebar so you can read more and post comments with questions if you get stuck!

Still not sure why you should be playing the game with me? Here's a teaser of what's to come...

Want more? I'm not the only Circle sharing passwords, tips and insider info. You can see what the other Circles have to say in ABC Family's The Circle of Strangers feed.

Interview: Author of The Iron Druid Chronicles Kevin Hearne

Dear readers, I stumbled upon Kevin Hearne by serendipity. When time permits I prowl the 'net for cover art and info for upcoming releases. When I looked up "Hexed" on Amazon.com I was looking to see if I could find the upcoming anthology which is completely unrelated to the Iron Druid Chronicles. Instead of what I was seeking I found Kevin Hearne and damn am I glad I did!

Hounded, the first novel in the series, was released earlier this month. Hexed, the second, will be released in June and Hammered, the third, will be released in July. You can read my review of Hounded or visit Kevin Hearne's Official Site to learn more.

Welcome Kevin and congrats on the big debut! Now that Hounded has been out for a few weeks I'm sure there have to be some mixed opinions floating around the interwebs but honestly, most of what I've seen has been pretty glowing praise. Considering that I imagine you've been pretty in demand lately so thanks so much for granting RhiReading an interview.

‘Tis me own pleasure, Rhi, I assure you. I have a flagon of Smithwick’s at hand, some lovely music playin’ on Pandora, and I’m ready to answer anything that doesn’t involve math.

In getting my thoughts together for this interview I came across an interesting tidbit about how the Iron Druid Chronicles was originally intended to be a webcomic. Obviously conceptually that would have been pretty cool but as a lover of both the comic book medium and novels I have to admit I'm happy with the turn of events. What kind of comic book influences came to play in writing the series?

Since I’ve read comics since I was a wee lad (see author picture), it’s had tremendous influence on me in terms of the ability to visualize fight sequences and also keep my storytelling tight(ish). My editors actually have to force me to spend more time describing things; I added about five thousand words to each book in the series, and most of it’s description. I’m typically spare in my exposition because it’s the kind of thing I always skip when I’m reading.

One of my favorite parts of Urban Fantasy as a genre is a solid bit of world building. Certainly you could have kept it much simpler by limiting your world to say... a single pantheon or sticking with only deities. What kind of challenges, if any, did you find in creating a world where, for example, Thor could piss off a pack of werewolves?

Creating the world was EASY! All the gods are real. All the monsters are real. Done! My filter on all that is my first-person narrator. We’re only going to see the things that Atticus runs into; we’re never going to shift out of his head and say, “Meanwhile, in Kuala Lumpur…” Admittedly, Atticus is going to run into quite a bit, but it’s going to have a manageable structure and sequence to it. The challenge, for me, is to keep these deities and critters “authentic” yet “fresh.” (Yeesh, it sounds like I’m trying to sell some kind of ethnic food.) It’s always tricky to update these old figures for the modern day while remaining true to the spirit of their origins.

When I cracked open my copy of Hounded the first thing I did was read the pronunciation guide about a dozen times. In it you make sure readers know it's not a big deal if they get them right which probably made a lot of readers sigh in relief. (Gawd how I wish I was one of them). So level with us here... do you feel any pity what-so-ever for Luke Daniels, the voice talent for the audiobooks?

I do feel some pity for him, I do. But the director of those books, Max Bloomquist, gave me a call before each one and asked how to pronounce certain words. Sometimes they went by their own sources, and sometimes they used my guides, and for everything else they just had me say it three times with the recorder running. I have to say that I think Luke’s portrayal of Oberon is hilarious, and I’ve been very impressed by his accents for Laksha and the very subtle Latino flavor he gave to the voice of Detective Jimenez. I haven’t heard Hexed or Hammered yet, where the accents get really hairy, but I’m sure he did a spectacular job with those as well.

Atticus has been frequently been regarded using the term "rock star" by reviewers. Now I don't know if I'd quite go that far myself but there's something a bit laissez-faire about him that makes him unique among the stereotypical heroes of the UF genre. I suppose it's not the most original question but how are you and Atticus alike?

Physically speaking, we’re not at all alike. I’m not much of a badass and I don’t have any tattoos. But we’re both Irish and like the fish and chips at R·la B·la with a pint of Smithwick’s. We like doggies and geeking out over Star Wars. We both hug trees and wish people would care more about the environment. And we both love Shakespeare and language in general.

Now I am not a dog person, as those who have read my review of Hounded know, but from the first time I met one I've been rather fond of Irish Wolfhounds. What I suppose the average person doesn't know about the breed is what a gentle giant they tend to be in spite of their early purpose as a warriors. (Yes, I know way too much about them as I really wanted one and ended up settling for my evil German Shepherd instead). With that sort of quiet, easy-going nature the breed is known for I found the chatty nature of Oberon to be particularly endearing. What inspired the great mix of traits that boiled down into the Oberon your fans know and love?

I’ve always wanted to talk to my dogs. I have a pug and a Boston Terrier, and both breeds have such expressive faces that you almost feel they understand you. But any dog’s character, really, can be boiled down to a few basic drives: food, sex, belly rubs, sniffing things, and peeing on most of them afterward. They all want to please us and protect us and be loved for it. Oberon’s no different, except that he’s able to vocalize it.

While Oberon is probably the common favorite among the readership with his great doggy personality he isn't the only great secondary character. My personal favorite is the widow MacDonagh. Her shameless flirting and whiskey swilling are just plain awesome. Can we expect to see more of her in Hexed and Hammered?

Yes, the widow is definitely going to be featured in both books, and a bit more prominently, too, I might add. I have a soft spot for her as well, Rhi. She’s loosely based on my own late grandmother, may she rest in peace.

Speaking of your upcoming releases, it looks like Atticus is in for some wild adventures facing off with witches and perhaps a certain jerk of a Norse god. They'll be out in June and July, so when can we expect to see the fourth installment hitting the shelves?

I actually don’t have book four under contract yet; we’re all waiting to see how the first three books do! (And by the way, nothing says “I love you” more than the gift of The Iron Druid Chronicles!) However, if folks visit my blog, Writer’s Grove, there’s a neato-schmeato progress bar on the right hand side where you can virtually stalk me. Book four is called Tricked, and right now I’m about halfway through it. Once I have any news to report about it, you can be sure I’ll be shouting it across Twitter and Facebook n’ stuff.

I could certainly ask a dozen additional questions about your writing process, your geekery interests and upcoming projects but instead I shall close my queries with another thanks and best wishes for the series. Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself, your work or some utterly random bit of Oberon-esque wisdom?

I want to say something to Kansas. I have never, ever had a good time in your state. The five days I have spent in your state—spaced many years apart, mind—have been the five worst days of my life. I would dearly like that to change, because now I have a fear of going to Kansas. I honestly think there is some malevolent spirit there that hates me. It may seem irrational and just an odd string of coincidences, but from my viewpoint Kansas is out to get me. You know how the Bene Gesserit in Dune kept talking about how there was one dark place in the center of the spice agony that they dared not go, and only the Kwisatz Haderach could go there? Kansas is like that place for me. I can go anywhere in America except Kansas. I almost lost my ears in Topeka! If you are from Kansas and are fairly sure that you can not only keep me alive but prove to me that it’s possible to have an enjoyable day within your borders, please, let me know and tell me what to do. I will face my fear; fear is the mind-killer.

Thanks, Rhi! I’ve been wanting to get that off my chest for about ten years now, and your blog just seemed the right time and place to do it! I feel much better about Kansas already!

You're very welcome Kevin and thanks a bunch for dropping by! (Note to self: Avoid Kansas.)


Weekend Reading [05/27-05/20] :: Have a rockin' weekend!

*yawn* I am so tired today bleeeeeh! It's been one crazy long rainy week filled with excitement of all varieties but mostly all here on the blog. :)

With two barbeques and family stuff planned for this weekend I'm not sure where I'm gonna fit in my reading time. What are you working on this weekend? I'm hoping to catch up on some of those review over in the righthand sidebar so I can feel confident picking up another book but right now I'm focused on Dead on the Delta and In the Arms of Stone Angels. So far I am really enjoying both.

Well I'm keeping this post short peeps 'cause I really want to get some laundry folded and have a snack before my kid comes home from school. Hope you have a fun weekend and don't forget to check back tomorrow for my interview with Kevin Hearne! -- Rhi


The Nine Paths to Chloe King: The Second Path

It's Second Path time my fellow Circle of Strangers members!

The Mai have sent me our next clue.

According to the Nine Paths Prophecy, “As the Circle of Strangers’ knowledge of the Mai grows deeper, their dedication shall be tested and the dangers shall be greater. The Path to The Uniter promises to be full of risk, but from this risk comes incredible rewards.”

Let's prove we have what it takes eh?

They sent me a photo of a statue and information on the ways to find out what we're searching for.

What is the ancient Egyptian name for this statue?

I'm actually a mythology geek so I knew this was a statue of Bastet.

What very warm and bright star did ancient Egyptians originally connect to this statue?

I was pretty sure that the only possible 'warm and bright star' this could be is the Sun, which features heavily in Egyptian mythology.

What city in Egypt contained a "cult" that was dedicated to the Goddess connected to this statue?

Looking up Bastet via Google turned up a few useful results including more pictures of similar statuary as well as the Wikipedia page where I turned up the answer to this clue, Bubastis, a very fitting name.

Once we Circles have our answers we were told to search the three terms in YouTube to 'discover what this statue means to the Mai'.

Now here is that video to share with you!

What will The Third Path bring?
Stay tuned by following me on Twitter watching for the #NinePaths and don't forget that you can play along at ABC Family's The Nine Paths to Chloe King page.

If you haven't seen The First Path or claimed your Circle token yet, hop on over to the game site, find the giveaway box on the lower righthand side (as shown in this picture) and enter 'Circle' while supplies last. -- Rhi

Review: Bonded by Blood by Laurie London

Bonded by Blood (Sweetblood #1) by Laurie London
Paranormal Romance, Vampires
Mass Market Paperback $7.99 (384 pages, HQN)
Ebook $6.99.
Audiobook $24.95

Deep in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, two vampire coalitions battle for supremacy--Guardian enforcers who safeguard humanity and Darkbloods, rogues who kill like their ancient ancestors.
Movie location scout Mackenzie Foster-Shaw has always known that she's cursed to die young. No one can protect her from the evil that has stalked her family for generations--vampires who crave her rare blood type. Until one afternoon in a wooded cemetery, she encounters an impossibly sexy stranger, a man she must trust with her life.
For Dominic, a man haunted by loss, Mackenzie satisfies a primal hunger that torments him--and the bond they share goes beyond heat, beyond love. She alone can supply the strength he needs to claim his revenge. But in doing so, he could destroy her....

Author Site: www.laurielondonbooks.com

Mesmerizing Blend of Fresh & Familiar (5 stars)

When Mackenzie Foster-Shaw's father went missing years ago he was just another member of the family who fell victim to the mysterious curse plaguing generation upon generation of Shaws. With little reason to plan for a future with someone special she buries herself in work and taking care of her Alzheimer's stricken mother. But when one of her jobs puts her at an out-of-the-way cemetery she stumbles upon a wounded vampire and her sweet blood saves his life.

Dominic's discovery of Mackenzie saves his life but almost takes hers and the blood passed between them bonds them in a way so rare and precious it's little more than legend. Passion and pleasure bring them together as Dominic is forced to reveal the secret that is the vampire world and the real reason her family seems cursed. But when the Darkbloods, evil vampires bent on a dark plot that threatens not just Mac but all Sweetbloods, come after her, Mackenzie and Dom are in for one heck of a fight.

There's a reason there have been people raving about Bonded by Blood and a reason some have been very unhappy with it. A vampire falling into rich lust with a beautiful young woman who's blood is like a drug? Certainly a trope the vampire romance fan is familiar with intimately. A group of bad vampires also want the woman for their nefarious purposes? Definitely seen that one before. So what redeems this from being a throw-away filler novel? A setting done to perfection, fresh, interesting characters and lush sensuality.

One of my personal needs in a novel where there are paranormal elements is a strong setting. If the world around the characters feels real the elements of the supernatural pop out more. London takes the Pacific Northwest (of which I am a former resident) and paints a dynamic backdrop for the vampire war of sorts that is happening. Using real locales instead of regurgitating the old "gee the Seattle area sure is rainy" to set her scenes she drew me in and dropped me right into the world.

Mackenzie surprised me. From the get-go I liked her. Her looks weren't overly discussed as I feel sometimes happens in romance, instead her personality and actions were the focus of her characterization. Independent, strong but not badass, accepting and loyal she was a multi-faceting and truly likable heroine. I didn't want to like Dominic. There were a lot of things about him I didn't care for but most of them were little things most readers of romance wouldn't mind. He grew on me quickly though and before I knew it I was kicking myself for liking him. The love scenes between the two were so smoking hot I did something I never do... I was rushing to get to the next one.

The overall plot of Bonded by Blood was a little contrived, a little generic and predictable. The resolution was almost too simple for my tastes but as this is romance I was able to excuse it as the hero and heroine get their happy ending. Many interesting secondary characters were introduced throughout this story and I really liked both Jackson and Lily so I will definitely be reading more of the Sweetblood series.

If you are a vampire romance lover and don't mind familiar tropes I highly recommend Bonded by Blood. Looking for a steamy but not overly erotic paranormal romance? Add Laurie London to your list of authors to watch!

Other Reviews:
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DemonLover's Books & More

Notes: Received Review Copy via NetGalley.


10 Reasons to Buy DEAD ON THE DELTA: Part One

Alright minions mine... so I finally got the tot down for her nap so I could ninja some time to read some more of Dead on the Delta. I'm about 1/4 of the way in and I LOVE this book. Maybe I'm just a lucky girl but lately the majority of the books I've been hyper-excited about have been fekkin' awesomesauce. DotD is fast joining the ranks.

Since I'm giving away three copies for the Splash Into Summer Giveaway Hop I thought I'd start making posts this week about why you NEED to read this book. They're gonna be random and maybe you'll think I'm off my rocker but if you're quirky and have a great sense of humor well... drive on! -- Rhi

10 Reasons to Buy DEAD ON THE DELTA: Part One

Reason #1:

"Buffalo wings are all the proof I need that god loves us and wants us to be happy. Benjamin Franklin once said the same about beer. Because he was a wise, wise man…and buffalo wings hadn’t been invented yet." --chpt.6

Reason #2:

A cat called Gimpy. And in honor of Gimpy I'm sharing the following video...

...because I love cats just doin' cat stuff. ;)

Bargain Bin Book Finds (Print & Kindle)

I do apologize some of the links have been intermittent... working only half the time. Hope you find some sweet deals though! -- Rhi

KINDLE $2 & Under

PRINT $6 & Under


Splash Into Summer Giveaway Hop [May 25th thru 31st]

Welcome to the Splash Into Summer Giveaway Hop!

This summer I have a LOT of awesome events and goodies to share if you enjoy Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy and Young Adult fiction. From interviewing debut author Jenn Bennett and playing The Nine Paths of Chloe King game (watch for the #NinePaths hashtag on Twitter) up until the show's premiere on June 14th to reviews of some of the summer's most anticipated releases from Andrea Cremer, Kevin Hearne and more!

But you're not here for that now are you? ;)

For the hop I am giving away three (3) signed copies of Stacey Jay's adult debut Dead on the Delta. *

• You MUST be a US or Canada resident
• You MUST be 18 or older
• You MUST be a RhiReading Follower (via GFC/Blogger)

Open for entries from May 25th - 31st
Winners will be notfied by email on June 1st & have 48 hours to respond
Once all winners are confirmed I will announce them on RhiReading

Please just fill out the form to enter! Comments do NOT count as entries but are always greatly appreciated AND considering there are hundreds of giveaways to enter can help you remember if you entered this one. :)

If you're having trouble viewing the embedded form (Google Docs isn't letting me change the theme settings) you can enter using the FORM on its own page.
(May 26th)Google Docs finally let me fix the theme so the embedded form should be more accessable and easy to read now, sorry for the eye strain guys!

*Note: The books being given away are Stacey's author copies which may not arrive until after the release date so prizes might take a couple of weeks.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check back in June. If you don't win this giveaway you'll have a second chance as I will be holding a second Stacey Jay giveaway sometime in June!!!

Now hop on over to one of the other participating blogs for more great giveaways...

The Nine Paths to Chloe King: The First Path [+free gift while supplies last]

Alright guys my special game box is here! Time to share the pics and details on the First Path so you can play along at abcfamily.com/ninepaths too.

Don't forget to follow me @RhiReading on Twitter for more. :)

Check out the beautiful box and a peek at the treasure inside. Click on these to see larger versions. I took many more but will be revealing them only as the game progresses. Yes, I did receive an iPad2 as part of this game but since I've never seen one in the flesh before it took me forever to figure out what I was doing. You can totally laugh and point fingers now. ;)

Isn't it cute... the iPad for this game is called a MaiPad based on the Mai race featured in The Nine Lives of Chloe King. Me likey!

After reading the letter about how to get started we were sent to the MaiPad to read the notes. For the sake of time I will show you the one needed for the First Path "quest" but there was also one from a familiar mysterious Pretty Little Liars character too.

I know it's difficult to read there but the folded birth certificate says: "SMILA UKRAINE FIND THIS ON MAI MAP NOW"

I didn't get a picture of the map as juggling the camera and the MaiPad was getting difficult at that point but the quest then lead me to further instructions. By finding the meaning of "Smila" and emailing it to our Mai contact I earned the following reward...

Congratulations, your journey on the Nine Paths has begun!

Attached, please find the Mai Uniter Scroll. This scroll tells the story of The Uniter and has invaluable information that will help you along your Journey. So that the Circle of Strangers can grow larger and stronger, this sacred scroll must be shared with the world! Only then can more humans come to know the truth about the Mai.

As a tribute to the gathering of the Circle, we, the Mai, have made a limited quantity of Circle Charms available on abcfamily.com/ninepaths. The first of those to step forward with the password “Circle” shall be rewarded. Please share this password with your devoted Followers, so they can become part of the Circle of Strangers.

The Second Path will be opened for you in the upcoming days. We promise to be in touch very soon.


Now there went my rainy afternoon! The next three weeks are going to be really fun. I love this kind of marketing stuff as it is but to get to be part of it? Thanks ABCFamily for letting me share this with my followers! This blogger is off to rehydrate and wait on pins and needles for the next "quest". -- Rhi

So now that you've read all that hurry on over to the site and claim a prize while supplies last! The fine print details are below.

The Nine Paths to Chloe King Free Gift offer (“Offer”) is valid from 5/24/11 at 8:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time ("PDT") to 6/14/11 at 11:59:59 PM PDT or until supplies last, whichever is sooner. Offer open to residents of 50 US & DC, 13 & older who follow a participating blogger in The Nine Paths to Chloe King Blogger/Journalist Program (“Blogger”) at time of redeeming free gift (“Free Gift”). Each 1 of 3 Free Gifts available is tied to a different code word which will be revealed by Blogger at 3 separate times (estimated to be 5/24/11, 6/6/11, and 6/13/11). To redeem a Free Gift (while supplies last), go to ahttp://abcfamily.go.com/shows/nine-lives-chloe-king/nine-paths & enter code. Expect Free Gift within 8–10 weeks from 6/14/11. Limit: 1 Free Gift/person. Void where prohibited.
NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open only to persons who are, as of entry, 18 years of age or older, legal residents of, and physically located within, the 50 United States or D.C. and who are bloggers or journalists specifically invited to participate by Sponsor. Starts May 24, 2011 once game boxes are received and ends on June 14, 2011 at 11:59:59 PM PDT. Void where prohibited. Click here for Official Rules Terms and Conditions and complete entry and prize details.

Win an ARC of Wither & its sequel Fever!

Y'all know how hard it is for me to wrap my patience into a nice little bubble around Twitter. It's like certain books... I love it in concept but not so much in actual execution. Maybe I have adult ADD? *shrug*

For the #NinePaths game I said I would allow my tweets to be used for promotional purposes so I thought it would motivate me to get on there and TRY to use it. The good news is I stumbled upon the following post thanks to Twitter!

On her blog Lauren DeStefano is giving away an ARC of Witherwhich she will customize and she's expecting the ones for Fever soon so the winner will get one of those too! Now I would give a lot of things to read Fever rightthisminute so I know many of you would too. What are you waiting for? Get on over there and enter to win!

Reading my tweets was bound to pay off eventually…


Change in weekend plans... and super cool stuff coming next week!

Foiled by Mother Nature again! Bah! I loves me some rainy weather but not when we're trying to make our mudpit of a backyard into a beautiful lawn perfect for barbeques, playing horseshoes and just plain everyday use. With it pouring buckets DIL and the hubs have put the big yard project off for a drier day.

In the meantime though I've got a lot of sweet stuff coming up over the next week that I wanted to let you guys know about.

Starting Tuesday I'll be taking part in a special game to promote ABCFamily's The Nine Lives of Chloe King. I'm still not sure what all it will entail since the invited bloggers and other media peeps will be getting a special package on Tuesday with what we need to participate. Be on the lookout for the #NinePaths hashtag on Twitter.
Wednesday is the start of I'm a Reader, Not a Writer and PageTurnersBlog's Splash into Summer Giveaway Hop. A full week long and with roughly 300 blogs taking part there should be some awesome prizes. My giveaway will be related to the release of Stacey Jay's adult debut, Dead on the Delta. Seriously dudes, it's gonna be awesome!

Then on Saturday I've got an interview with The Iron Druid Chronicles' author Kevin Hearne! I loved Houndedand from the comments y'all left it looks like I wasn't alone. Want to know more about the inspiration behind the series? Find out what scares the piss out of Kevin? Bring your arse back in a week to gobble a short and sweet interview that had me giggling and wishing I wasn't saving it for the long weekend.

On that note loves I must be off to deal with my kids and try to find a window of time I can fit some reading into. -- Rhi


Weekend Reading [05/20-05/22] :: A muddy weekend for me...

Here on the high plains of Montana the weather forecast is for seven days of rain. Being a native of Washington this makes me as happy as a clam in mud. There's nothing like a rainy day to bring out my inner "fuckitall". The chores can wait I'm curling up with a cup of tea and a book! Alas, tonight we are supposed to begin the most epic of epic projects... our backyard makeover.

The front yard of our house is nice but small and unfenced and it's a hill. The backyard is flat and fenced and... fugly. The grass is patchy, the yard has slowly mushed down against the fence and we have three scary little steps from the sliding glass door down into the mudpit that the yard has become over the last year. Which means that dad-in-law has stepped in with a rototillerthingy and a plan to give our backyard a lifesaving makeover. Lemme tell ya there's way more to it than that but it'd take forever to explain. Needless to say I don't have a clue whether this weather is going to be a help or a hindrance. Wish us luck that our yard comes out both looking lovely AND literally fixed as far as water drainage issues go.

With the big backyard project going on it looks like I'll be stuck indoors entertaining all 3 of the kids. I'd love to send the big ones out to play but not happenin' with it raining. If they were a few years older they could help with the yard stuff but definitely not this time. I might lose my mind by Monday. :P

My weekend reading will probably consist of finishing Beauty Queenswhich has actually been just over-the-top crazy and funny in an intentionally campy kind of way. It will be really interesting to see the other reviews out there once I've finished mine. I'm curious what other readers have thought about some of the things that have been done with this mishmash of ideas. The other book I've been working on is Jean M. Auel's final Earth's Children series book, The Land of Painted Caves. I definitely have issues with it and being a bad girl have looked at a few reviews already. Hate to say it but the negative reviews really do have a lot of good points and I know I will be echoing several of them.

What are y'all reading this weekend? Any special plans? I'm off to go wrestle the tot back into her pants... yeah what is it with toddlers and being sans pants? *le sigh* Have a great weekend and see ya next week! -- Rhi


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