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Weekend Reading [04/15-04/17] :: Time waits for no blogger...

One of the hardest parts of blogging for me is the time it takes. When I can devote large chunks of time to it I revel in the whole thing. I love mulling over bookish topics and the social aspects of what a blog is. But I'm also a wife and mother, the two things in life that should—and always will—come first. Which at times can really cramp my style. Fridays are my Saturdays essentially, due to my husband's schedule and we both like that but it does sometimes conflict with my getting a weekend reading post up on Friday.

So what do y'all have happening this weekend? Anything fun? We rented some movies and did some grocery shopping. I think we'll probably get our grill fixed (the puppy chewed the hose apparently?) and have some steak. Maybe do a few more spring cleaning projects (ugh neither of us has the patience to work on these for long). Yep, we're probably the most boring family ever. lol

I'm trying to get some more of The Vampire Dimitri read but my Kindle's battery is almost dead so I may not get as much as I wanted. I have to get it charging at some point today. My other problem... I'm having a hard time getting into Visions of Heat. *sigh* Any of you have that problem sometimes? Where you plan to read something specific and then can't get into it? It doesn't happen to me a lot but I'm frustrated by this one because I really wanted to read all four of the Nalini Singh books I have this month. I know it's not a matter of not liking it or her writing, I definitely do... the story just hasn't gotten exciting yet. Those are the only two books I'm actually working on right now which is kind of unusual for me. I tend to have four going at once and I swap them out by what's fitting my mood or holding my interest at the time of the day. Maybe I have ADD? :P

Well I better get off here and get something done with my hair and maybe put on some make-up since I'll be facing the general public for a couple of hours. Hope your weekend is going great, drop in and tell me what you're reading right now, I really do love to see what's on your plate. TTFN! -- Rhi

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