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Weekend Reading [04/01-04/03] :: Attack of the ToBeRe Pile!

Oh-Em-Gee! Where did this massive stack of books in my To-Be-Reviewed pile come from? yeah... did I ever mention I can be a bit of a procrastinator? Okay, that's not really quite true. I've been having a problem writing reviews lately. I know better than to let all the drama about writing "negative" reviews get to me but all of the hullabaloo has made me feel a little bit shaky. I know where I stand and honestly... I've been a little baffled that there have been ANY issues at all. Not that I don't understand why an author might be unhappy that the thing they worked hard on didn't get all glowing praise. I just don't understand why an honest and non-personal review of the work is a bad thing. Long before I got into reviewing it was the "bad reviews" that often sold me on a book. Crazy huh?

But enough about that. Anyone working on something special this weekend? I'm planning to somehow catch up on some housework that's been on the backburner. Woooooh, such fun! *sarcasm* Since today is the first I'm starting Nalini Singh month. And yeah, the thing in the sidebar for the themes is down. I've been having problems with it not coding right for a while now so I'm thinking I'm going to do something slightly different. If I have time this weekend I shall work on it. ;)

As far as reading goes I started Bumped last night. It's interesting and really brings a bunch of issues up and my brain is a bit melted after finishing 1/3 of it. Mostly my complaint is all the slang. Like... special slang. Words like "breedy" and "everythingbut" or "Pregg" and "fertilicious" can get a bit daunting to decipher. This is probably the strangest dystopian I've encountered so far but in a good way.

Well shit, the household just exploded into a dramarama. Yay for kids. I'm off to go regulate. Or hang myself. Whichever puts me out of my misery fastest. :P -- Rhi


Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Oh you have sympathy for the huge tbr pile! And as far as the neg/pos review thing.. don't worry about it. You can't please everyone. I think as long as the review doesn't go into personal attack (yep, people can be that mean) then I think you are fine. Not everyone likes the same thing. It's your blog, just have fun with it. Oh and btw... sometimes a bad review sells me on a book too. :) Hope your weekend goes better.

Rhianna said...

Thanks Melissa. :) I think sometimes our TBR piles are like going to a buffet restaurant. You see all this yummy stuff you want to eat and you have this big ol' tray and as many platefuls as you can carry but you've only got so much room in your tummy.

I just counted how many reviews I have to write and I am kicking myself for doing so much reading last month. lol Shouldn't I be giving myself a pat on the back instead?


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