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Top 5 Sundays [Fave Paranormal Y.A. Series]

I'm in a slump. I sat down yesterday to write a review (for a book I liked no less) and everything I wrote sounded disjointed and off. Like I was writing a generic review making it up as I went along to hide the fact I hadn't read the book... but I did! *head/desk*

I don't know what's the root of this but it's been plaguing me lately. Some days I can just make it all flow. Other times I struggle with this miserable deer-in-headlights panic. So I am trying to get inspired. I've even debated cutting back a little of my regular computer time to do some "creative writing" writing. Something to stimulate another part of my brain. I think I might dabble in a few memes this month to help me get my groove back. Since I always enjoy Larissa's Top 5 Sundays on Larissa's Life I'm gonna start with this! :)

Today's Top 5 is Fave Paranormal Y.A. Series. It was a bit of a tough choice for me because three are so many I haven't gotten more than one or two read on. I think my choices are likely to be similar to others participating because these are just plain great authors behind them.

There are a couple I would have loved to include but the 2nd book hasn't arrived yet so I couldn't really judge a series based on one book right? Namely the Nightshade series. ;) Enjoy!

#5 - I remember reading the first book and knowing what was coming... that big reveal moment with Bianca. It was so satisfying when it came. I adore the secondary characters in this series immensely. The mythos is unusual and I'm excited to have recently heard from Gray that she has a book specifically about my favorite character coming out as a spin-off of sorts.

#4 - I've been a Vincent fan since her debut novel, Stray, hit shelves. I love how she's taken a lesser done mythology and made it a great series. It's fresh and relevant and fun without being pretentious.

#3 - This series seems to go majorly unnoticed and IMO a lot of that has to do with Razorbill being bafflingly ignorant about zombie fans. The snark, the eviiiil bad guys, the cool powers... I just love everything about this series and won't stop encouraging my fellow readers to buy these because Jay said she would self-publish more Megan books if she makes enough money to make it worth while (she has a family to support afterall) for her to do so. So uhm, go buy them... please! ;) ;)

#2 - No, I still haven't read the last two books. It's kind of one of those hate to see it end things. I love that this series is set in my state. Sometimes I daydream that if we took a day trip into the woods we'd somehow stumble across St. Vlad's. Great characters, lots of kick-assery, romance. What more can you ask for?

#1 - My favorite because it's both original and derivative. The nods at some of my favorite things from my childhood make me smile. Grimalkin. Ash. The Iron Fey. There's lots to love here and I have really enjoyed watching Kagawa bloom as a writer.

So there are my fave five. What do you think? Would any of these make your list? Head on over to this week's post to see what Larissa and others have shared as their choices. -- Rhi

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Awesome picks! I love Rachel Vincent, Richelle and Julie!

I need to start the evernight series hehe =D


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