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Review: The Vampire Voss by Colleen Gleason

The Vampire Voss by Colleen Gleason
Regency Romance, Vampires
Trade Paperback $14.95 (384 pages, MIRA)
Ebook $10.99

Voss, also known as Viscount Dewhurst, relishes the sensual pleasures immortality affords. A member of the Dracule—a cabal of powerful, secretive noblemen marked with a talisman that reveals their bartered souls—the mercenary Voss has remained carefully neutral…until Angelica.
Angelica Woodmore possesses the Sight, an ability invaluable to both sides of a looming war among the Dracule. Her very scent envelops Voss in a scarlet fog of hunger—for her body and her blood. But he is utterly unprepared for the new desire that overcomes him—to protect her.
Now Voss must battle his very nature to be with Angelica…but this vampire never backs down from a fight.

Author Site: www.colleengleason.com

Bumpy Start For a New Series (4 stars)

Angelica Woodmore can see the moment someone will die when she's touching an object that belongs to them. It is an unfortunate gift that is somehow finding its way into her dreams. When she finds herself faced with a fellow from a most chilling nightmare she ignores propriety and makes sure the man is aware of his impending doom. What she doesn't realize is that the man in question is a member of the Dracule, a vampire.

When Voss, also known as Viscount Dewhurst's friend falls—literally—just as Miss Woodmore described, her value as a pawn in the world of the Dracule is strengthened. Without her knowledge her brother has been intimately involved with the vampires, men who have sold their souls to Lucifer in exchange for immortality, and now that he's gone missing she and her sister find themselves under the care of one of his vampire friends, Dimitri, the Earl of Corvindale. There is no love lost between Dewhurst and Corvindale and if Voss wishes to resolve his interest in Angelica he'll have to get through Dimitri first.

I'm sorry dear readers, my summary just doesn't do this plot justice. It's much more intricate and I didn't wish to fill it with spoilers. What I will say in regards to the overall plot arc is that this is a pretty rough adventure for Angelica. Being chased by vampires and lusted after by another does her no favors.

Now as to Angelica and Voss, individually I very much liked them. Voss was such a rotten guy I couldn't help but like him. He's definitely anti-hero material but in a good way. Angelica reminded me in ways of Gleason's Victoria Gardella. Not a butt-kicking heroine so much as a woman who doesn't just stand by when she thinks she's doing the right thing. The author manages to balance the blend of strong and delicate nicely in Angelica. As a couple I think I liked the idea of them better than the actuality of them. I honestly couldn't buy Angelica's attraction to Voss. Lust between them certainly but love? Meh, not so much.

There is quite a bit of Dimitri and Angelica's sister Maia mixed into this story and since they are the hero and heroine of the next book in the series I'd say it is essential to start here. On the whole I found this novel enjoyable but not mind-blowing and considering I don't care for Regencies I do think that's saying something. I would recommend it for anyone who enjoyed Gleason's Gardella Vampires series and somewhat hesitantly for paranormal romance readers who've been desiring something historical instead of contemporary.

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Notes: ARC Received via NetGalley.


Crystal @ RBtWBC said...

I was disappointed with this one but I think the next one will be better.

Rhianna said...

That's a totally fair judgement. I think it set-up for The Vampire Dimitri very well. I think Maia and Dimitri will be a really fun pairing.

Not so sure about Narcisse' book. Nothing from this one really sold me on her, she seems... unpleasant.


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