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Review: CSN Stores (Extra Large Travel-Aire Plastic Dog Kennel)

Long before I was a book blogger I was a geek for reviewing things. Books mostly but I have reviewed a lot of things that might surprise you. Cameras, cookware... even personal lubricant. I've reviewed diapers and teethers, video games and coffee. Maybe since I'm so shy and awkward in the "real world" I feel like the only way people hear me is in expressing my opinion on random stuff? *head scratch* I dunno, anyone out there a therapist? :P

I normally wouldn't share this type of product review on the book blog but any thoughts I've had of a secondary anything-goes kind of mommy blog just seems like a waste right now. I can barely find the time to read and write for this one. Being a full-time mom and zookeeper has a way of doing that.

When a rep from CSN asked me to give them a try I thought why not. I was totally eyeballing some cool bookshelves and thinking about a new desk but then my dog did something rather dastardly. She managed to destroy one side of her wire crate. She'd pretty much outgrown it already anyway but well, I was in the market for a new crate option for my giant puppy. So that's what I bought and that is what you guys get to see reviewed if'n you're interested. It includes pics of my puppy and even mentions how awesome the actual shopping experience with CSN was. You guys know me... I'm an Amazon girl. Fortunately CSN sells stuff through Amazon so this is a real win-win for me as a consumer. Anyways... here's my review. Enjoy!

Kennel-Aire - TA 40A - Extra Large Travel-Aire Plastic Dog Kennel in Almond

Our family has a 9-month-old German Sheperd puppy. Currently weighing in at about 70 pounds she's far from being a dainty girl and she's not full grown yet. Our previous crating option was wire, a hand-me-down from a friend that suited her when she was still tiny. But as she got to be larger and stronger she was managing to destroy the wires and literally pulled the one side in. It is for this reason we decided a plastic sided crate was a better option. We've been shopping around for one that was both affordable and well reviewed. We will not be using this for travel but since it is sturdy enough for such we agreed this was likely a very good one to put our little monster in.

I will say that when it arrived the packaging was falling off of it, this is a BIG crate and the boxing was insufficiently taped and stapled. It was so EASY to put together though! The hardest part was lining up the door which can be set up to open to the left or right which I love. There is no handle on this one and with good reason, weighing in at about 30 pounds itself this is a hefty crate. I don't know how other consumers will feel about that but when your dog weighs double, or nearly triple that you need a kennel that will stand up to their size and strength.

Our pup has made herself at home and is very comfortable. She can stretch out from one end to the other or curl up at just the end. Keep in mind if you're crate training that you don't want them to have too much room, this is their den so you don't want room for a potty spot in it. I honestly don't know if this would work for a very large breed like a Great Pyrenees comfortably but this should be suitable for most larger breed dogs in the 70-80 pound range by my best guess (and yes, I have experience with Great Pyrenees, larger Airedales and Irish Wolfhounds). I suggest looking at the dimensions of this crate and some of the photos reviewers have included before deciding if this is right for your dog.

After making our selection we searched the net to see if CSN had the best price. Another retailer listed it as much less expensive but they were charging an insane shipping fee while CSN shipped it for free. I honestly could not have been happier with our shopping experience here on CSN and will be coming back to shop with them in the near future. Excellent customer service, free shipping and a site that has a search engine that made finding a product within my budget with the specs I needed all made for an exceptionally pleasing purchase experience.

The only negative I have for the entire experience is that the packaging (box) was literally falling off of the product when it arrived. The tape was insufficient, the staples had popped open and I was concerned the paperwork and parts had fallen out, which fortunately was not the case as they were between the halves of the kennel.

For more info on the crate, including pricing, where they ship and the specs check it out on CSN.

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