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My Stressbusting Secret: Coloring Books

I think most of us would relate to the phrase "I have issues!". No?

How we all deal with those things we go through can be really bad or smart. My emotional eating? Not so good. Hitting the gym at the end of the day? Pretty good. Caving to the temptation to indulge my Amazon wishlist with a big batch of random stuff? Not usually very good. Except for my secret stressbuster purchase. I discovered a few years ago that when I'm particularly stressed out or irritated or anxious that coloring helps me calm down. The color books out there for kids are alright, I have a Hello Kitty one I've been working on lately, but Dover Publishing makes the BEST adult friendly colorbooks.

We were out and about today hitting up the pet store (don't get me started on the cats visiting from the rescue shelter that I couldn't bring home 'cause I had 3 picked out) and the indie toy shop. I could spend HOURS in the toy shop with all the play foods and realistic plushies, science kits and puzzles. But what I totally love most is the section filled with Dover Publishing goodies. So I came home today intending to share these with ya in case you're in the mood for something cool like this. ;) Amazon tends to have awesome deals on them too so be sure and look for the 4-for-3 promotion on the colorbooks. I'm including some of the paperdolls too because they're just too darned cool.


Crystal @ RBtWBC said...

Oh, wow, that's awesome! I didn't know that they had adult coloring books out there.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who still likes to color. LoL

P.S. Love the pretty colors. ;)

Rhianna said...

The best part about these ones IMO is that they're not very expensive considering they're printed on quality paper. The stained glass ones are my favorite, I color them with colored pencils but have been debating a nice marker set. Once they're done you can stick them in your window. :D


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