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It's Monday, Get Your TV On!

Mmmmm... rich, black coffee. I cannot function in the morning without it. Funny thing is... I'm more of a tea drinker. Where I live there's nothing nearby as far as businesses go but a few years back someone opened a bakery/coffee house about six blocks from here. Last week I noticed they have tea time from 3-4, a cup of tea and a scone for $3. I totally want to push the stroller over there and have teatime one of these days. Definitely can't be on a school day though because that's when the kids are all coming home. Do you have any special rituals like that just for yourself?

Monday is definitely my ritual day. All my daily rituals with the tot and such, then an easy, quick dinner so I can get to Curves (guess what? I lost 6.25 total inches between Feb. & Mar. even though I spent 3 weeks not going!) early enough to be home for the TV time ritual with the hubs.

And speaking of TV it's getting pretty slim! Until new seasons start up this will probably be my last TV Monday post until June. Maybe one to remind when Castle's finale is but since Being Human's finale is tonight... well seems silly to make a post each week for just one show eh? ;)

Josh and Sally tend to Aidan after Bishop's attack; Nora learns the truth about Josh; Aidan's first meeting with Josh is detailed in the Season 1 finale.(summary from tvguide.com)

Happy news guys! I finally went and looked to see if BH had been renewed for another season and the answer is yes. :) No info yet on when it will start but maybe some hint will be mentioned tonight? Gotta keep the viewers interested afterall.

A star swimmer with Olympic dreams is found dead in a pool, and crime writers Michael Connelly and Dennis Lehane (appearing as themselves) help Castle dissect the complex case over a game of poker.(summary from tvguide.com)

I also checked for the finale date for Castle and tonight is the last episode for this month and then there will be three in May with the finale falling on the 16th. If you're a Castle fan you might want to check out http://www.richardcastle.net/ the new (and official) website of Richard Castle. ;)

I'm off to get some stuff done. Have an awesome day and don't forget to watch the BH finale! -- Rhi


alexia said...

I love tea more too, but have to have my coffee! And a big Castle fan!!

Ian-Christian Jones said...

Blah to tea and coffee! But I do love me some Castle. Unfortunately, I've missed every episode this season! Is the season any good? Worth a weekend of catch up?


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