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Dear readers,

Hi Rhireaders! Check out the latest events in the sidebar! Thanks for visiting, be sure and follow me on social media for MORE awesome content.

Did you drop by to request a review or tour stop? Due to high demand and a very busy schedule, I am currently CLOSED for unsolicited review requests. Thank you for thinking of me though!

I do have promotional openings for October 2017 through February 2018 open so please reach out. Just please drop me an email with a polite request and if I'm interested I will reply.

-- Rhi


Freebies for Kindle, Get 'Em Quick!

Just popped on really quick for something completely unrelated and saw these two books from my Amazon wishlist were BOTH free for Kindle! Don't know if these prices will last long but get 'em quick before they're back to regular price.

Back to watching a quick episode of House with the hubs and maybe a little more of Bumped before bed. ;) -- Rhi


Unknown said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing! =D

Beverly said...

Swinging by to say thanks for stopping by The Wormhole! Glad to hear you like American Vampire too! Have you read her series Blood Ties? I have read the first couple - really liked them, but of course soooo many to read now that I can't seem to get back to it! I am a new follower! Just read Vampire Voss - can't wait to see what you thought of that one! Happy reading.

Rhianna said...

Thanks for commenting guys!

And welcome to my blog Beverly. I haven't read the Blood Ties books yet. I have the first one somewhere in my massive TBR pile. I did read one of Armintrout's other books... forgetting the series name right now. Queene of Light? I think it was called. Didn't care for it at all. But that's why I love books. Sometimes you'll love an author's work and hate another and vice versa. You never know what's gonna work or not.

I've been having trouble with writing my TVV review (summarizing it hasn't been working well) but it's positive. 4 stars, I did like it. But I think I got something different out of it than some of the other reviewers I saw did.


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