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Your Dream Reading/Blogging Space (+ a CSN Review Coming Soon!)

As many of you know Adam and I bought our first house shortly after my first blogiversary. While it was essential we have at least three bedrooms and we were crossing our fingers for two bathrooms my secret hope was that we'd have a special spot I could turn into my special reading-writing-crafting space. I could go into a long explanation of how we ended up in the house we did but suffice it to say we were desperate and bought a house one block from our former apartment. A house that had belonged to our son's friend's family. It was a win-win for all involved really. But now, after almost 17 months of home ownership we're finding out just how awful being THE owner is. I miss being able to call my nice landlord to come fix things. lol

Even though home ownership is certainly a mixed bag the pros outweigh the cons. One of my favorite parts of owning our home is that we can make changes to our home without anyone complaining 'cept us. For the first year the hubs had claimed what I had deemed the "Harry Potter" room. It's actually a small room in the basement that was a gun closet when the previous owners lived here. Think your average walk-in closet with shelves filled with guns, ammo and other hunting gear. It's kind of under and behind the stairs but has no window so it's a gloomy little thing. I had begged for it to be mine when we bought the place but the menfolks (aka Adam & his cousin) were already calling it "the man cave". I got stuck with my desk in the corner of the laundry room. Yeah, I used to write all my blog posts, reviews and such with the noise of an airfield in the background (that'd be our ancient washing machine on the spin cycle).

The week of Valentine's Day I'd had enough. I'd begun using my kids' computer upstairs during the day to blog simply for the sake of my hearing/sanity. Our bedroom is huge. Big enough that we'd often discussed adjusting the bed end of the room to fit my vanity and our dresser on either side of the bed so we could use the other end as an office space. With the evil surgery looming we discussed getting it done before I was laid up. But that's when we discovered that whole leaking window-wet carpet thing and had to deal with it. Once we had the carpet and wall dried Adam moved everything for me (with Runner's Knee before the surgery moving things was a no-no). I finally have a quiet and somewhat well-lit space to call my office!

I say somewhat well-lit because during the day the small basement windows let in a nice amount of sunlight. But toward evening when the sun moves to another side of the house and begins to go down it's DARK in there. I have a small lamp I am in love with on the bookshelf by the desk but it's more the kind of lamp you use as an accent and not a really good light source. The lighting in the bedroom is awful too! These ugly brass recessed things on a dimmer switch. Great for mood, not good for the desk area. I know I want overhead lighting but because of how the ceiling in our basement is set up in the "office" I can't have a regular overhead light. I'm not sure how to explain it without taking a photo and there's really nothing special to see in there until we get the whole room sorted out the way we want it.

Enter CSN Stores. I know many of my fellow bloggers have mentioned the site and reviewed cool bookshelves and such. I've been looking at new desks and think I may have found the one I'd like but first I want to sort out this light situation and the room divider we've been discussing putting up so that I can seperate the two spaces into "love nest/reading nook" and "office".

Browsing through CSN's lighting site has been so enjoyable! I love the searchability and selection. I don't suppose I can borrow a few grand to buy one of these gorgeous sparkly chandeliers from anyone eh? ;) Ah well. I've been admiring some of the beautiful Pendant Lighting options that are more within my budget. While still a bit too pricey for my purposes I found one I would love. Reminds me of rainy days curled up reading Jane Eyre when I was a teen.

I'm starting to see why everyone loves CSN. Not only have I found a desk I'm intending to buy, but many of the other items I was in the market for are available in their many stores. Rugs, room dividers, even stuff for pets! I'm planning on making a purchase very soon so expect to see a review in the next few weeks.

To those of you out there who already have your special reading or office space set up to your specifications what is your favorite part? What can't you live without?

For those who haven't been able to set one up yet what would your dream reading nook or office space feature? Would you choose a special theme or color scheme?

Happy Tuesday folks, I'd love to read your thoughts regarding your special reading space. -- Rhi

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