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Weekend Reading [03/25-03/27] :: Defeat. Cupcakes. Girl Power.

As if my bracket wasn't all shot to hell already... The Iron Duke has been defeated. Ugh! Not that it didn't at least lose to a decent competitor. If it had to lose to someone I'm glad it was Archangel's Kiss. I'm just honestly baffled how it was outvoted. How many of us named it our favorite book of the year? Like, everyone who read it. I was really hoping this would let us loudly proclaim that Steampunk Romances are the new big thing so more would be published but alas.

Meljean darling, I am bummed for your double stomping at dabwaha. Somehow the voters must not have been aware of your uncomparably awesomesauce bribes. Perhaps Heart of Steel will fair better next year? ;)

Alright, enough of my sulking. I'm going to bow out of the whole dabwaha thing now as gracefully as I can. No point in even voting beyond this round. *lightbulb moment* Wait a minute... would it be terribly rotten of me to vote against Archangel's Kiss just for spite? Yes, yes it would. Damn you little angel on my shoulder. Okay, okay. I'll keep voting. But I'm backing Nalini now as I am sure Meljean would want us to do. If one Odd Shot can't win we can back the other right? *bitter moment over*

And on to my weekend reading... with the end of Patricia Briggs month so close I decided not to pick up another one of her titles. I'm gonna get The Vampire Voss finished. I have to hand it to Colleen Gleason. She manages to take a type of fiction I can barely stand—Regencies—and make it quite enjoyable. I do feel like Angelica is a little cookie-cutter. Maybe I just keep picking the wrong ones but it seems like every Regency I pick up with a paranormal bent to it has the heroine as this dark, gypsy-blooded girl. Is this a common trope anyone else notices?

I'm a little stalled on Semi-Sweet. It's hit a point where I've been starting to question where the story is going. Not that it's bad, it's actually a pretty charming book in a strange way. There's just something about the way it's told that can make the pacing quite choppy. That is one reason I'm not a big contemporary fiction fan, the adventures tend to be so miniscule they slog along from item to item without any special changes of pace. It probably doesn't help that just reading about cupcakes every few pages makes me hungry.

Maybe that's what I'll do this weekend... bake. My goal of fitting my pre-tot jeans will hate me but I'm an emotional eater of the highest caliber so... brownies, cupcakes, this mini donut recipe I've been eyeballing. This might be a disastrous weekend for getting back into my favorite jeans. Did I mention I was actually able to put them on and button them yesterday? Not quite comfortable yet but Curves is getting me there. :D

What are y'all reading this weekend? Anyone's DABWAHA bracket still chugging along nicely? Anyone have a favorite cupcake recipe to share? Have a great one and don't forget to go see Sucker Punch! The hubs works all weekend but I'm hoping we can sneak out Saturday evening to catch it. -- Rhi


vvb32 reads said...

boo hoo for the iron duke results. still love it though.
ooo, sucker punch is on my to watch list.

Rhianna said...

I know eh? TID was my favorite book last year. It had everything... zombies... romance... kickass women... steampunk... pirates... ugh. I've only ever read Nalini in anthologies so I know she's not a bad writer but I just don't feel like the win was quite fair lol.

*forces gag on self* If I don't shut up now the ranting will begin in full. :P


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