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Weekend Reading [03/18-03/20] :: Blogger's Block?

Ahhh the joy of living in a time when washing machines and dryers are standard in American homes. Woe to the home where these appliances go off to that big wash room in the sky. My week has consisted of washing clothes in the washer that was on its last leg and hanging them everywhere in my home I can to dry. We knew our washer needed replacing but the dryer decided not to be the first one to go. lol Sometimes you get stuck making do with what you've got even if it feels like you're stuck in the stone age. At least I'm not stuck washing them in my bathtub, right? Brightside!

I'm am so blocked for writing this week. I have a handful of reviews waiting for my attention and yet as soon as I sit down to write my brain goes _______ and my attention goes "review... review... ooh look snacks!". Any of you out there in the blogosphere who get that sometimes? How do you battle your distractions or find inspiration when you're lacking?

This weekend I'm finishing Bone Crossed. It hasn't been my favorite of the series but it's one of those transitional tales that gets the characters from one HUGE plot bomb back to a normalcy so they can move on to the next plot bomb. Hardest part of reading it though? It makes me homesick. Any of you readers love a series partly because it's set somewhere you've lived and loved? If it's set in the Pacific Northwest it'll always appeal to me on that factor alone. I don't have far to go on Bone Crossed so I'll likely finish it today.

I started my ARC of The Vampire Voss the other night and will likely work a little on a book called Semi-Sweet: A Novel of Love and Cupcakes. It's set in a small Irish town and revolves around the intertwined lives of people within it but primarily Hannah, a 30-something who just opened her own cupcake shop right after her boyfriend breaks up with her for another woman. I don't read much stuff like this but I was due for something off-genre. I do find that once in a while reading something outside my normal realm works as a sort of palate cleanser for my reading.

In other news... The Iron Duke is Full of WIN! Vote Now! I know, I know.... The Iron Duke versus Bayou Moon? Simply not fair but The Iron Duke has to prevail. Get your vote on quick before this round ends at midnight CST.

And lastly before I run off to check these clothes hanging off the banister and try to get a shower in... anyone out there have a suggestion for surgery scar prevention? BioOil? Mederma? I'm getting frustrated with the healing rate on these owies but don't want to spend tons of cash on something that really doesn't help. This is one time reviews really contradict each other and haven't helped me make an informed decision. Have a fab weekend and happy reading! -- Rhi

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