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Dear readers,

Hi Rhireaders! Check out the latest events in the sidebar! Thanks for visiting, be sure and follow me on social media for MORE awesome content.

Did you drop by to request a review or tour stop? Due to high demand and a very busy schedule, I am currently CLOSED for unsolicited review requests. Thank you for thinking of me though!

I do have promotional openings for October 2017 through February 2018 open so please reach out. Just please drop me an email with a polite request and if I'm interested I will reply.

-- Rhi


The Sharing o' the Green!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, my dearest readers! My heritage largely consists of Irish folk who eventually made America their home. When I was a wee lass my paternal side of the family always made a big deal of it and while I certainly don't relish every tradition associated with it—I've never had corned beef that wasn't vile—I always look forward to wearing green. It's my favorite color and I am embarrassed to admit I own several St. Pat's themed tee shirts AND pairs of socks. Today I'm donnin' a tee with an image very similar to the one aboe and some green and white striped socks that have little black "shoes" on them. I am lame, I spend my day with animals and little people... this is as cool as I can get. :P

In honor of my favorite hue and the special occasion I spent many hours looking for books that I would read (or have) with green covers just to share with you. Won't you please go peruse them? Treat yourself to something other than Colin Farrell movies and Irish Cream cupcakes... :D

Many of these are pre-orders which means that an awesome handful of art departments are feeding my zen. Keep 'em coming artists me likey!

I hope everyone enjoys a bit of good luck or at least some green beer today. ;) Don't forget the hop that's starting, lots of giveaways to enter. I'd wish y'all luck but somehow that seems like a reeeeally bad idea... unless you're wishing someone good luck specifically who knows what kind of things might happen. Like your dryer might die when you are backed up with lots of laundry so you have to spend St. Pat's night looking at new ones instead of reading The Mammoth Book of Irish Romance like ya planned. Luck o' the Irish my ass. XOXO -- Rhi


Anonymous said...

Kim Harrison's White Witch, Black Curse also has green on the cover!

Rhianna said...

I actually had that one on here too but cut it (and another) because I was trying to have even rows of 4 covers. lol

Thanks for commenting Paige! :D


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