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Dear readers,

Hi Rhireaders! Check out the latest events in the sidebar! Thanks for visiting, be sure and follow me on social media for MORE awesome content.

Did you drop by to request a review or tour stop? Due to high demand and a very busy schedule, I am currently CLOSED for unsolicited review requests. Thank you for thinking of me though!

I do have promotional openings for October 2017 through February 2018 open so please reach out. Just please drop me an email with a polite request and if I'm interested I will reply.

-- Rhi


Kindle Me, Please (1)

Ugh. I dunno what's up with me today dear readers. I woke up feeling like I have a mega-hangover but I haven't had a drink in over a month. All I did was watch movies and snack on ice cream and popcorn last night with the hubs. I even put my book down at 1AM. Yet here I am with a horrid neck and headache, feeling quite nauseous and dehydrated. Talk about weird. Is there some flu that feels like a hangover going around? Bleh. I had all intentions of working on the four reviews I have going and reading some more of Semi-Sweet since I haven't worked on it in days but I just feel too shitty. Think I'm gonna pop some pain killers, drink some Tension Tamer and wrap up in a blankie once the tot goes down for her nap.

In the meantime I wanted to get this little item going because I've been meaning to do so for ages. I'm finding lately where I'll want to pre-order a book or get ahold of an older title on my Kindle but they aren't available. Fortunately Ami (my nickname for Amazon IRL lol) has an option on the main page for a book to request it in Kindle format. It seems that using this option has worked well to convince publishers to put it out in Kindle format. More than once now I've asked and it has happened. But it takes more than one person requesting to be effective so I was thinking that I'd occasionally put up links to a few I was interested in having on Kindle and ask my readers to click the button on the book's page and if they have one they want on Kindle too to leave a comment with the link and I will return the favor. Chances are a lot of us will be interested in the same ones no? ;)

So, without further discussion here are a few of my requests...

Thanks a bunch guys and don't forget to link to ones you'd like to see Kindled, I WILL go and request them for ya. -- Rhi

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