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It's Monday, Get Your TV On!

TGIM! Okie, pretend you never heard ME say that. ;) But since Monday is pretty much the only day I bother with television I find myself looking forward to it. Pathetic eh? And Castle is another rerun tonight. Bummer.

Bernie gets hit by a car and puts Aidan in a tough spot; Josh confuses Nora by saying he wants to slow their budding relationship down a bit; Sally meets a ghostly former crush in the haunted ward of the hospital. (synopsis from tvguide.com)

So... now that the show has been running for a couple of months what are y'all thinking? There was so much net drama about the BBC version and this being remade but I've not seen the original and I'm loving this. It probably helps that I liked the lead actors before this of course and yet I'm really enjoying the pacing on this. The comedic moments add a nice lightness to the really strong dramatic scenes. I sure hope this one doesn't end up canceled.

Off. Reynolds keeps a close watch on the girls as Rosewood celebrates Founders' Day. Meanwhile, the girls hide their feelings and the status of certain relationships, such as Hanna's love for the boy who broke her heart and Spencer's friendship with Toby.(synopsis from tvguide.com)

Last epi before the finale next week. I seriously need to just buy the books and read them over the summer. Anyone out there already done so? Have they changed a lot between the books and the show? I got the impression we won't be finding out who "A' is based on the books' blurbs. Seriously? I'm not sure I can handle another LOST-like season-after-season mystery like that without something being revealed. *pulls hair out*

Have a terrific night whether ye be reading or channel surfin'! -- Rhi

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