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How about some Thursday randomness?

I've been a bit off my game all week. Conflicting schedules with the spouse, getting our broken dryer situation sorted out (yay for getting a new set of laundry appliances!), and dealing with critters and little people has made for chaos. At the end of the day I'm not in the mood to do ANYthing. Last night I had all intentions of attacking my "to be reviewed" pile with vigor and instead I watched Diners, Drive-ins and Dives (my uber guilty pleasure TV show) for half an hour and crawled into bed with Silver Borne. The good news is I finished Silver Borne. The bad news is... I got nothing else accomplished.

In the spirit of all kinds of random I thought I'd put up some items I've been lingering over sharing for a while but haven't gotten to. Get the brain moving here because the caffience in my coffee is not helping me this mornin'.

One of the first things I want to share is that Bitten By Books (which is fast becoming one of my favorite places to visit) is having an event for the release of Sunny's Mona Lisa Eclipsing. The release party, chat and giveaway will be on Monday, March 28th and runs from 12PM Central and into the evening. The giveaways being hosted are seriously awesome! If the graphic there isn't enough of a hint there's more so head on over and RSVP for the Mona Lisa Eclipsing Release Party.

While you're over there check out the many other discussions, chats and polls. I've been really impressed with the content and a little surprised to not be seeing any familiar faces from the blogosphere popping up.

In other authorly chatter, this post is a bit old but I've been waiting for a good time to post it. I really enjoyed Tate Hallaway's Almost to Die For as you can see in my review. But naturally not everyone did and that's totally to be expected, I'm the sort of reader who likes to read well written and thoughtful "negative" reviews.

What surprised me was that Hallaway received a very negative review of Almost to Die For and instead of getting nasty she acknowledged it with a classiness and honesty that very much impressed me as a blogger. I still feel that reviews are for readers and not authors but it's up to them to decide whether they want to read critical views of their work and how they choose to deal with it. My kudos again to Hallaway for her grace under a critical eye.

One of my favorite aspects of group blogging authors is frequently a topic chosen that each writer writes about on their post day. Word-Whores is a blog featuring a handful of urban fantasy authors I have yet to read in spite of having most of them on my radar. The one I have read and rave about to anyone who will listen is Allison Pang. Back in February the group was discussing writing sex scenes. All of the posts were great but Allison's in particular made some points about them that I had never considered quite like that.

"For a few brief pages, my characters don't have to focus on anything except each other..."

As a reader I often groan and sigh (in a bad way) about sex scenes. I enjoy a hot love scene as much as any reader of my favored genres but if it in any way feels gratuitious it bores me. Shhh, don't tell anyone but if I start reading a lusty scene and it feels more like a "sex break" than a moment of passion which will intensify/strengthen/etc. the non-lovemaking aspects of the relationship between the characters I tend to skim. If I wanted a "sex break" I'm pretty sure the hubs would happily oblige me. ;)

That's just it though! Not to get TMI here but emotional intimacy is as important as the physical part of sex in my opinion so if the book's sex is romantic-relationship based it's important for me to feel like the physical act brought the characters closer emotionally too. I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority there (and books specifically noted as erotica are another story, obviously) but I'd love to see what you thought of Allison's post and my own thoughts on sex scenes.

But enough about authors, let's talk about loot! Cool stuff you can make or buy or whatevs.

I don't make a habit of prowling Etsy very often. I find it a time suck and 90% of what I find is beyond my budget. Sometimes though it is quote a joy to window shop. The word Steampunk tends to get overused to the extreme but once in a while it serves up some lovely treasure. It's how I found Twisted Sister Arts. Their eye baubles are pretty neat, if a bit on the creepy side but what I really love is this necklace. The twisted metal wire, the bright peridot. You know what it immediately made me think of? The Iron Fey! It's perfect no? I don't wear jewelry much and the $250 price tag is beyond my means but it's so very strange and pretty. :)

One of the things that occasionally lures me to the above mentioned site is my neverending search for a Kindle cover that is both functional and attractive (but still within reason as far as price goes). Now that my man has one to find a cover for as well this quest has become daunting. I started to think I should just try making one. Though it's not what either of us was looking for I thought Mama Crafts' Padded Kindle Sleeve was an awesome way to reuse material from an old pair of jeans. I really dig the cleverness of this custom Kindle cover from Chica and Jo too! Know any other great instructions for making one yourself? Leave a comment!

On that note I am cutting this off before it becomes any more lengthy, random or strange. Have a fab afternoon! -- Rhi

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