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Weekend Reading [02/11-02/13] :: Valentines & Vampires

I am so wiped out this weekend guys. I'm not sure if it's my miserably injured knees. The visit with my tot to the doctor which resulted in lots of screaming (even though he is an awesome pediatrician she's at the age where she "gets" the visit's purpose and expects shots). Maybe it's having dealt with the sick family all week. Or it could be that I've been working out almost every day and simply haven't built up the stamina I need yet. Whatever it is I just wanna pull on my plushy robe and snuggle in to read.

After the above mentioned doc visit we stopped into Target to see about a knee brace. I'm one of those folks who avoids taking myself to the doc unless I might be dying so I thought it might be a nice solution to try before some doc tells me I need another damned surgery. While there the vampire wallets I've coveted for months had dropped from being $9.99 to $2.48! I actually had bought one for myself already but since they had gotten so cheap I bought a couple more. I'm thinking they might make a cool giveaway item paired with a bookstore giftcard or something vampire themed.

And speaking of wallets. I totally stumbled on this cool little site called Pocket Vomit. If you're like me and have this itching curiosity about what people carry around with them in their purses or pockets I think you'll find it as entertaining and interesting as I did. Someone on there even has the vampire wallet!

So what are y'all reading this weekend? I kind of accidentally got sidetracked on Wednesday night. My Wifi was not working so my Kindle was giving me the virtual finger and it was so late I couldn't be shoved out of bed if my pilow was on fire so this weekend I am tearing through American Vampire by Jennifer Armintrout. I thought it had come out last month for some reason and saw it in my TB Reviewed (from NetGalley) list on the Kindle and thought I'd read a few pages to see if I wanted to review it or not. Fortunately I can say that yes, yes I do. I'm very surprised by how enjoyable it is. I love Jessa and I love Graf. I rarely like both the hero and heroine equally. I've never read Jennifer Armintrout, though I have one of her books here somewhere in the TBR monster pile. I may have to put her higher on my priority list. Any fans out there?

I am so stalled on The Hollows series. I'll get into a scene and then there'll be two chapters of boring. It's frustrating. I loved the first five books. *sigh* I may start skimming—something I try never to do—since I won't be reviewing it. Do any of you sometimes find it helps ya get through a book in a series you love that just isn't delivering the goods you expect?

With everyone here still sick as heck I'm planning on hitting the gym tonight more for the sake of getting away from the coughing and vomiting than 'cause I want a toned booty. Fortunately the MIL and I have been enjoying it a lot. We spend the stretching time and drive home gabbing about books. Gotta love having a workout buddy who loves to hear ya dish about the newest book news. :)

Maybe if I can find the time over the weekend I'll actually get to seeing the other giveaways in the blog hop. What have been your favorite giveaways from the hop? I've been pretty tempted to throw some chocolate into the goody bag for mine if that's what the winner chooses. Afterall, who wouldn't want candy around Valentine's Day? When the hubs asked what I wanted I said flowers. 'Cause he doesn't buy me flowers often and when a girl is working out to try and fix her muffin top... candy seems like a bad idea. LOL Maybe I should just ask for an 8-pack of Guiness? :P We were debating the merits of beer and health the other night so perhaps it's better for me than chocolate but won't require me remembering to add water for a few days...

Well, dear readers, I am off to rest my knee while the tot naps. May your weekend be filled with romance and relaxation! -- Rhi


Crystal @ RBtWBC said...

The Hollow series dragged for me in the middle too but Pale Demon was great, really brought me back into it.

I've read Jennifer Armintrout's Blood Ties and Lightworld/Darkworld series. I LOVED Blood Ties, it has a lot of smexy smexy time in it though. Which, ya' know, I adore in my books. ;) Lightworld/Darkworld was okay. I need to read her new one.

Rhianna said...

Ya know... come to think of it... I did read one of her lightworld/darkworld books and hated it. I completely forgot about it 'cause it annoyed me so much. I have wanted to read the Blood Ties series though.

I could do for some smexy smexy reading right now. lol I love a lot about The Hollows but that's exactly what's going on... it's dragging. Ah well. Good to know it gets better. :)


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