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Weekend Reading [02/04-02/06] ::

I'm a little late getting on top of my post for weekend reading. My apologies! Fridays have been a bit harder to find computer time on the past few weeks. But I wanted to make this weekend's post slightly focused off of bookishness. Just a little. ;)

February is American Heart Month. I have many causes I support monetarily but who can do for them all eh? Having a healthy heart is pretty important though so I thought I would nudge my readership to take a minute this weekend and find out more about the health of their heart. :) A few years back I was quite surprised when my doc said she wanted me to have an ecocardiogram because she suspected I have a heart murmur. Nothing big really but it made me realize that heart health is important at EVERY age. If you're not in need of a lifestyle change, maybe you have someone you love who is.

My husband's family is quite high risk for heart problems including heart attack so I'm thrilled to be part of the healthier lifestyle choices my mother-in-law is making. This week we began working out at Curves. Each session has been red-face-enducing, exhausting, and a little painful but afterward I've felt great. It wasn't until last night as I was laying in bed reading that the thought hit me how this activity isn't just a way to lose some weight and build some muscle but a way to improve our heart health. I hear horror stories about in-laws all the time but mine are like a second set of parents to me. I love the heck out of them and the thought of losing them is just as painful as the thought of losing my own parents. Now if only I could convince the hubs to hop on his treadmill once in a while... :P

This afternoon my MIL and I have our spa day. My hair is getting sooo shaggy! Time for a couple of inches to hit the road. But I'm really looking forward to the pedi part. Winter is evil on skin and my poor footsies need some love. Plus it gives us time to chitchat with the gals (I have a new one because mine moved away *cries*) and bullshit about books! :D What book geek wouldn't love an hour of pampering and book talk?

This weekend I'm trying to get in at least 100 pages a day on The Outlaw Demon Wails (The Hollows #6) by Kim Harrison for Kim Harrison month. This is the first book after [SPOILER ALERT: HIGHLIGHT TO READ]Kisten was murdered[SPOILER ALERT: HIGHLIGHT TO READ] which I personally didn't mind but has made the book (IMHO) start off a bit funny. I'm also being reminded why I loathe Ivy. She is probably the most annoying vampire character ever created. If Harrison wasn't such a great writer and I didn't love Jenks so much I might not have continued this series after the first couple of books. The switch to hardcover had thrown me off it as it was but ah well. It'll be great to get caught up though. :)

I've also been working on The Iron Queen (Iron Fey #3) by Julie Kagawa. I got a review copy forever ago but I didn't want to read it before it actually released because then I'd have to keep quiet with the spoilers and since it's one of my favorite series ever I wasn't sure I'd be able to not talk to people about it. I keep seeing other bloggers posting pictures of Ben Barnes as Ash. I'm not sure if that's something Julie herself made the suggestion of but I just can't correlate the two. In my head Ash is much more... I dunno if exotic looking is quite what I'm trying to say but he's more of a Steven Strait but fairer in my mind's eye. Plus I'm a voice girl so Steven's voice works very well for Ash dialog. ;) Whatcha think?

Well peeps the baby is having a tantrum, the big kids are eating chips for breakfast and I'm half-tempted to go stick my head in the oven if the chaos doesn't calm down. Hope your weekend and reading are far more mellow than mine. Or at least filled with distracting smut. TTFN! -- Rhi

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