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It's Monday, Get Your TV On!

Dude! My weekend sucked! My knees are in really bad shape. I've gotta see a doc. Then to top it off we're working on turning part of our gigantic basement bedroom into an office area for me. The plan was to move some of our sparse furniture over and whatnot. So I figured even though I was injured I could move a dresser by myself. The whole process ended up with me on my butt in the corner by our closet. And my butt was soaking wet.

We live in a marsh so some homes here have flooding issues but ours does not. But what happened was that we'd had a lot of snow and a very fast thaw with nowhere for the water to go. So it went into the window well... and filled up to the edge of the window... and slowly seeped inside... running down through the wall and up through the carpet. Naturally, we did not discover the issue until 10:30 at night. Our small shopvac would have helped the issue on the outside if it weren't insanely loud and very late at night. My husband had to go out and fill buckets every 3 hours to empty it while I sat there with the carpet steamer soaking up as much as I could from the carpet. It did ruin a box of magazines and soaked into a pile of cast-off hubby duds that I hadn't managed to sneak into the trash yet. *head/desk* Fortunately my side of the closet (where boxes of books and baby clothes are stowed) did not suffer any damage.

Needless to say I am not working out tonight. So I'm gonna do the RICE thing (rest, ice, compression and elevation) for my bad knees and watch the tube. No special Valentine's plans for me. *sigh* I hope y'all have something more romantic to do but in case you don't here are tonight's watchable sneaky-peeks!

Was Sally murdered? *bites nails*

A crime of passion on Castle...

I totally have a Caleb crush. Pretty much exactly the type of boy I went for when I was in high school. ;)

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