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It's Here! Valentine's Day of the Undead! (& an impromptu giveaway)

*doing a fangirly happy dance*

Most of you, my dear followers, weren't around when my great-grandpa passed away in 2009. I was already pregnant with the baby and going through some stuff and we knew it wasn't far away. When he passed it was difficult because both of my grandfathers were already long dead so he was really the only one I had gotten to know as an adult. The family skeletons have since come out of the closet but at the time I was quite devastated by the loss.

Strangely enough, at the time I was reading a book called You Are So Undead to Me that I had picked up at Walmart 'cause the cover caught me eye. It was humorous and witty, very intelligent and the characters just leapt off the page. I'm also a big fan of cemeteries. My grandparents lived behind one so... I pretty much learned to ride my bike there. I was a morbid kid I guess but I have always loved the quietness and the stone monuments, the flowers and tokens left behind.

My family has a grieving ritual where we meet at the cemetery privately the night after a funeral, light candles and talk about the person we've just buried. As I sat there freezing in the chilly spring air I was momentarily drawn back into Megan's world and felt guilty for letting my mind wander away from the moment. I've never told anyone, not even Stacey, but it was a very welcome distraction because my extended family pretty much imploded after that. Sinking into a world where I could just sit there and pretend the cemetery was not the site representing our sadness and deep, dark unspoken family secrets... where I could instead think "wouldn't it be crazy if zombies started popping out of the ground right now?"... it helped me deal with it all in small doses.

It's probably morally disgusting to have let myself laugh and escape into fiction like that while one of the worst things to happen to my family in years was unfolding but I don't care. I'm a proud fan of Stacey's work and wish things had worked out differently (the zombie trend is only heating up ya idiots!). So I am calling out to all of the Megan Berry fans and non-fans to go to Amazon or where ever they buy ebooks and get a copy of Valentine's Day of the Undead. If it does well then Stacey can afford to write more Megan books and I want them. No, I need them. They're like crack for a zombie YA lover. Plus Ethan is hot and Monica is snarky and she's my favorite bitchy teen character in fiction. Please? *puppy dog eyes*

Anywho, I've got so much housework piled up from the family being sick and my husband and I finally worked out a new "office" arrangement for me so we're moving furniture around today. Errr... well, he's moving it since I can't because of my knees being all farked but I'll be doing the other stuff. Gotta love having all these pillows and comforters to wash. Not! Then I've got to hit up Walmart for some milk and Lysol. *lightbulb* Tell ya guys what... I'm gonna do an impromptu giveaway!

FOLLOWERS of my blog who email me (always.and.never AT gmail DOT com) with a copy of their receipt from buying a copy of Valentine's Day of the Undead using the above linkage to Amazon will get 3 points (buy it from another source and I'll give ya 1 point) toward a a copy of A Brush of Darkness by Allison Pang. Just make sure you block out your private info (ie. address) on your receipt for safety's sake and let me know your Follower Name. Make your subject line Valentine's Day of the Undead so I'll know not to can it as spam.

From all the eligible entries received by 12PM (that's noon) MST on Wednesday, February 16th, I will draw a winner and hopefully mail your book out on Friday when my Follower Love Giveaway Hop box (if that's what the winner chose) goes out. Which means this is a US only giveaway, sorry!

Because the prize is an adult title this is open to 18 and older entrants only.

If you email me with a link to a blog post you made directing folks to this post/giveaway when you send me your receipt I'll give you one extra point.

And yeah, I normally hate using points but since this is a) impromptu and b) requires a purchase which will limit entries... this will be my test run for using them for possible similar giveaways in the future. ;)

I know, this giveaway is totally spur of the moment and random but I want this book to sell and I'm willing to act a damn fool to promote it. :P Thanks guys! -- Rhi


vvb32 reads said...

whoa, what a story. thanks for sharing it.
and, thanks for the heads up on the valentine's day of the undead. nice price - i'll be getting a copy ;-D

Rhianna said...

:D Thanks for supporting Velvet! I've been pretty frustrated to see a series I really liked got canceled because the publishers didn't think the zombie trend was going to continue. You and I are certainly evidence to the contrary!


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