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Going Into Quarantine. (+ FREE ebook from Carina Press)

[insert panicked beeping and people running around in hazmat suits here]

Oh yeah people... the nasties have invaded. Sore throats, fevers, coughing. My house is now a fog of humidifier steam, Lysol and chicken broth. The hubs and the son-child both came down with it in the past 24 hours. When I called the school to let them know I was keeping my kid home with a fever they said his grade has been hit the hardest. Last week it was the digestive sick and this week it's this fevery flu-ey thing.

:( My parents were not nurturers when it came to being sick. There was no TV, our one form of sustenance was ramen noodles (with strips of cheap lunch meat and mixed frozen vegetables, a combo which to this day turns me green just thinking about it). Since we were very poor seeing the doctor was a luxury and if we were very lucky he or she would have some samples of the expensive antibiotics because I'm allergic to both of the commonly used ones. Taking care of my family when they're sick is far from being my favorite thing to do. I love them, of course, but I don't love their germs! Or the whining. Fortunately I had some leftover cooked chicken I could toss into a pot with some tiny diced carrots, a little garlic, some noodles and a can of chicken broth so lunch was survivable. I will be downright shocked if I'm not bedriddden with what they've got X 2 by the weekend though.

How do you survive a full on household case of the crud? I've got a box of lotion-tissues, some Emergen-C (my go to when I am sick or taking care of sick people) and my Kindle's on the charger. I might have to pick up a box of alcohol wipes to take care of all the phones, remotes and such over the weekend because I'm trying really hard to keep everyone from being around the baby since she's still seemingly *knocking on wood* sick free.

Alright, on that note I am off... but I saved the best for last. Today at the Carina Press website you can download Silver Bound by Ella Drake for free! I'm heading over to grap it before I forget.

If I don't pop up between now and Monday I do apologize. Having the sickies on top of trying to read, review and all my normal daily duties plus the new workout routine may keep me away from the computer for anything more than checking the email. I was hoping to hop around with the Follower Love myself but there just hasn't been any time. *pout* Hope y'all are enjoying it, let me know who has the best giveaways eh? Happy hump day! :P -- Rhi

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