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Get The Body Finder for $1.99 & Randomness

My auntie called me today. We're quite close but circumstances these past few years have made our chats few and far between. It was nice to talk with her about the usual stuff like kids and pets but at one point she asked me if I had ever patched things up with my former best friend. As soon as she brought it up I was hit with a pretty hard sadness. I don't think it's needed to go into the details but it got me thinking about how in our lives we're constantly growing and changing. Physically, emotionally. It can't be stopped and sometimes friendships become the casualties of time and change (or lack thereof) within the individuals involved.

One thing I always think about when I read urban fantasy is friendships. It seems infrequent that heroines in particular have a strong circle of friends or at least a best friend. I wonder why that is? Being a loner is not without certain advantages but companionship and support are great too. As a woman I've always gotten along well with men and like having guy friends but the friendship of women seems to elude me. I have a lot of theories as to why, most of them being in the vein of we ladies having a way of taking everything too seriously at times.

My answer to my aunt was sadly no. But since I was not the one who cut off all ties and have no idea what I did to deserve the severence I can only hope my friend feels nostalgic one day and looks me up again. Till then I can merely hope to cultivate new friendships and continue to grow.

As I was moping about under my little cloud of sad today I did what I think most of us are compelled to do... a little retail therapy. Thought I'd share a link for The Body Finder... it's a preorder (delivers on Feb. 22nd) for the Kindle version at only $1.99, my guess is this is a promo to get folks interested in the upcoming sequel.

I wish I had more to share today dear ones but I have a house that looks like a dish and laundry bomb exploded within it, sore muscles from hitting Curves last night and a stack of TBR4R (that's TBR + For Review) books giving me the stink eye. I'll try to get a weekend reading post up tomorrow since I didn't find the time last weekend. Y'all have a good one! -- Rhi

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