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Weekend Reading [01/21-01/23] :: What a bipolar week!

Ugh! I don't even know what to write for the weekend reading post. This past week was so... up and down. Good things would happen swiftly followed by bad things. I'm just feeling so pushed and pulled the past handful of days I want to hide from the world. Even the book world has been pissing me off. I win a giveaway (yay!) and then the book I was reading the characters did something so fucking hypocritical I wanted to throw the book across the room. I was so angry I ranted to my husband about it. I think he thought I was going a bit crazy. Fortunately he'd read the book first so at least I had someone to whine to that I wasn't spoiling it for. Then tonight we sent our passel of adorable ten day old baby mice off to be snake food for my stepkid's neighbor. I'm okay with it because it's a long story about men being stupid and falconry and being stuck with three pregnant mommy mice. But they were so cute finally (now that they had hair and little tails) and my inner seven year old is crying because I wanted to keep a black one and a white one.

I've scheduled my surgery! I'm scared to death. I'm a control freak IRL so being put under scares me. I've decided not to tell my family until after it's done. I don't want anyone deciding to drive over here (I live 2 states away from all of my kin) or bother me. That and they all have enough problems of their own. I seem to be the only one (literally!) who has their shit together. I've decided I am going to sit down and write a letter to my family a couple of days before the surgery and email it to my husband the morning of the surgery so he can't read it beforehand. Just in case, ya know? It's morbid and the doc laughed at me when I told him of my fear. I told him about the statistic I accidentally read (in an article about another type of surgery go figure) that 1 in 2000 people die during this procedure. And they were all like "well that's not very many". But they had nothing to say to my retort "yeah but what if I'm that 1 in the 2000". I wanted to smirk at having shut them up but instead I fake laughed and said "guess it's a good thing I have life insurance".

I'm going to try not to be such a freak about this guys! I promise. But keeping it from my family and friends also means I can't talk about my fears and how silly they are with anyone. I mean if both my mum and my MIL have had this and are just fine I should be too right? I've been sitting here thinking so much about this as a scary and bad thing it didn't yet occur to me until this moment that this will give me at minimum three days of resting and *drumroll* READING time. Okay, now this is looking more like an awesome thing. LMAO It'll be the tail end of February and beginning of March so I should be able to get my Hollows books done easily! Then since March is Patricia Briggs month I am pretty sure I'll get caught up there too.

Awww crap. I just realized my surgery is scheduled on a Vine leftovers day! Argh! *head desk* Did I mention I got a $500 juicer yesterday? Not something I will review here but I've been wanting a juicer forEVER. I'm looking forward to putting it to good use. Carrot Ginger Apple juice is a favorite and nothing beats orange juice you make yourself. Anyone know of any good books about juicing? I haven't done it since I was a teenager working in a coffee house/juice bar. I'm going to need some recipes. Plus with a baby in the house the cost of all this 100% juice is getting annoying. It'll be kinda cool to whip up some fresh apple juice or whatever for her. Welch's makes this Blueberry Pomegranate Concord Grape juice that she loves and I think is pretty yummy too. I already have two of those ingredients in the fridge.

So what to read this weekend? A self help manual to get my head out of my emotional ass? Yeesh. I wish. Naw, I've finished At Grave's End so I'm not sure if I'm gonna read another Frost book. I've been slowly trying to pour through Hunger Aroused by Dee Carney. It's an interesting story to a point. I'm such a geek for Ancient Civ settings and the hero was once a gladiator (or so I am understanding but I've got a ways to go still). I'm not so sure about the actual plotline yet but there has been a lot of sexy time going on so far sooo. :P Looking for some erotic vampire smut this might be your cup o' tea.

The hubs wants to take me to the movies this weekend. Not gonna lie folks, aside from Black Swan there's nothing I want to see. He wants to go see whatever that other Natalie Portman movie is. The one with Ashton Kutcher. I can't even remember what it's called I am so uninterested. Ouch. But HE is the one asking for a date night so ya know what? I am gonna plaster on a smile and pretend I love the idea. I mean, my man is asking me to go out with him? Not me saying "hey we should [insert activity here] this weekend... without the kids... ya know... a date night..." and hoping he's not thinking "ugh" inside.

Anywho I am off to start my weekend right. This means grocery shopping! :P Y'all have a freaking fantabulous weekend and leave a comment telling me what you're up to this weekend, reading or otherwise. -- Rhi


koorihime-sama said...

Good luck with the surgery.

I'm the same way... I have symptom... look it up... then i see something that freaks me out.

I just remember something from Readers' Digest. A new quote... "Give man a symptom and he'll worry for a day. Let him look it up on Google and he'll worry for a lifetime." Errr... Something like that.

Also, have fun on your date with your husband.

I just got my job, and it's my first one. I just hope I don't mess it up. >.< Or have a negative amount on my cash register. So many worries. >.<

Anyways, still working on my blog. And making sure the back up site is updated since the one on the free hosting seems to always go down.

Here are the challenges I joined http://iceprincessreviews.wordpress.com/fun-things/challenges/2011-reading-challenges/ :) I hope you don't mind that I drew an image for your informal one. Now I just need to update the one that always seems to go down.

Meh... I'll do it later. Need to start getting ready.

Rhianna said...

HAHAHA! That is too true. I have a super hypocondriac in my family who thinks she has everything. If you catch it she's had it ten times before and each time she had it was ten times worse than you've ever had it. It drives me nuts. I try not to be such a freak about stuff but I'm neurotic by nature.

We ended up not going on our date. Long story but we ended up fighting over the time to go so we ended up staying home and ignoring each other. Go figure. lol Sometimes the key to a happy marriage is knowing when to stay away from one another for the evening. ;)

I am sooo stoked you got a job! I miss working sometimes. Having a lunch break where I could eat and read with no one bugging me for a whole hour was awesome. But the early mornings and late nights often sucked. Retail was such a bitch but I was good at it so... *shrug*

Do you have an Amazon wishlist? Or some kind of wishlist. I was sitting here the other day thinking it'd be nice if my fellow bloggers had links to them somewhere in case I ended up with extra copies of ARCs or something. Giveaways are a nice way to unload but sometimes I'd rather let another blogger who's been really eager for one have it.

I'm gonna head right on over and check your challengeness out. I've been braindead and haven't been to your blog this week. Me so sorry!



First thanks for commenting on my post about Why I love to blog about helping the mom find books for her 12 yr old daughter.

Your hypochondriac relative is a narcissist not a hypochondriac. Especially when theirs is always worse than yours. She/he wants the attention and has to turn everything around on his/herself. I wouldn't bother telling them about your surgery.

I don't know what type of surgery you're going through, maybe I haven't read far enough back, but worry won't make it any better. Just distract yourself. And if you can, will you ask if there is a surgery that will make me look like the girl on the cover of "A Brush of Darkness"? I'll even wear the clothes and come up to Montana!

Take care of yourself and happy reading and juicing.



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