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Weekend Reading [01/14-01/16] :: Art Love

Yesterday I started working on this post in hopes of having it ready to go first thing this morning. But I was interrupted and after some thought I realized the original discussion I had started really wasn't going to be of interest to anyone who might read it.

So instead I thought I'd throw up a quick post about what I'm reading this weekend and art. Art? Yes, art.

My husband and I went out and about in the frigid snowy weather this morning. We're in the market for a small television stand for our bedroom and thought we'd peruse the thrift shops for something inexpensive and fitting our desired specifications.

As we tooled about I scrounged through the books shelves and found some out-of-print Amanda Ashley titles and Heat Wave by Richard Castle (hehe!). But we also found a set of custom framed prints by an artist named Leon A. Comstock Jr. They're limited edition sketches of gnomes similar to the ones in my beloved copy of Gnomes. I was actually hoping they were from the book but alas no and I can't find much information regarding them online. My best find was that there is an artist by that name who lives in Springfield. I couldn't turn up anything about him though. Poo!

One of our stops happened to have calendars on 50% off and I keep forgetting to buy one so I had a couple picked out—Zombies & World of WarCraft—but the baby saw the Hello Kitty one and wouldn't let go so I ended up with it for my office. But the one I found and reeeeally wanted once I saw it was Magical Realism: The Art of Michael Parkes.

I grew as an art lover. My mother and her best friend loved art nouveau and both collected Maxfield Parrish prints. I was always more partial to Mucha myself.

But there is just something really lovely about Parkes' work. Winged beings and felines and a strangeness that just begs the imagination to play. I suddenly find myself wishing I could afford a couple of prints. I think I may just buy the calendar and tape up the images I like.

Are you inspired by art? Does art on book covers sell a book to you? Do you have a favorite artist?

This weekend I'm going to try and finish Vampire Crush. I don't know what exactly it is about this book but I like it. Maybe it's because it's a little cliche while still throwing some teases at cliches? I'll save my judgement for my review. I also started At Grave's End but I'm finding it slow to read so far. Other than that no special weekend plans. What about you do readers? -- Rhi


Unknown said...

Well. You know which calendar *I* would have gone for. :)

Cherry said...

Will look out for your review of Vampire Crush :)

Rhianna said...

LOL seriously Allison when I put it up in my office I thought of you. ;)

Thanks Cherry, I am liking it a lot but it's hit a slowish part that's annoying me so my pace has ground to a halt.

11Truckman said...

Hey, My uncle is Leon Comstock. The Gnomes drawing started as a Christmas print he would give every year. The picture usually reflected his past year. Significant events and the like. As far as I know he still lives in Springfield. His specialty is realism, and snow sculptures :) He did the Miss Piggy and Kermit in the center of East Longmeadow using snow. He also did a dragon in snow in the front yard of the house one year when I was about 13. Lots of fun


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