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Cover Share (2)

With one of my reading resolutions for 2011 being to find and share covers of books that interest me I've been collecting more new or newish-to-me covers for sharing over the past few days. Thought y'all might like to have a look. Some might be old news but you might see one you've not found before.

Moon Cursed (Night Creature #10) by Lori Handeland
March 1
You know that series you buy all the books for intending to read and never start? This is one of those ones for me. Does anyone know if these ones could be read as stand alones? Not really liking this cover. Something about it feels unbalanced.

Zombies Sold Separately: A Night Tracker Novel (#4) by Cheyenne McCray
May 24
Another series I haven't started (seeing a trend here?) but really want to read. I love the color of this cover and while I usually don't care much about cover models I think this pair look ready to kick some zombie ass. Not bad.

Devil Without a Cause (Nikki Styx #5) by Terri Garey
May 31
I just bought the first book in this series finally! I read the short story she did in Weddings from Hell and thought it was awesome so I keep saying I'll buy this and read it and then I never get to it. At least I've bought it now eh? Meanwhile her covers have gone from colorful to very man-tittyful.

The Reluctant Vampire: An Argeneau Novel (#15) by Lynsay Sands
May 31
This is another one of those series I never start but have been picking up the books for whenever I see them in the thrift shops. Yeah, I'm a penny pincher that way... being a one income household will do that to ya. ;) I've been suggesting it to my MIL since she's started reading Katie MacAlister and loves her humor. This is a series with humor right? Gawd I wish I could tell by the covers. Is it just me or does this remind anyone else of Ravirn series covers a little? I think it's the eyes or maybe the model is the same.

Passion (Fallen #3) by Lauren Kate
June 14
Whomever makes the decisions regarding the cover art for this series deserves a raise. It has some of the most strikingly beautiful covers I've ever seen. The kind you would easily hang the art on your wall if it were available.

Embraced by Blood (A Sweetblood Novel #2) by Laurie London
June 21
I still haven't started this series but I loooove/haaaate this cover! Why both? Well at first I was digging it until I really looked at a larger version... his eyes look weird like he's gone crosseyed. It's throwing me off. Otherwise I'm digging it.

Kitty's Big Trouble (Kitty Norville, Book 9) by Carrie Vaughn
June 28
I'm a huge fan of Kitty. I love all the traveling she does in her series so I sort of feel this vicarious sense of going places. I've really enjoyed her evolution as a werewolf too. If you haven't read it yet and you like a strong but not bitchy heroine I think Kitty is an excellent example of one. As to the cover, I like it. It's nothing unusual really and I like that about it.

Original Sin (Personal Demons #2) by Lisa Desrochers
July 5
I've been sitting on Personal Demons for a while now reeeeeally wanting to read it but not finding the time. *sulk, sulk* This cover is doing nothing to help my wanna-read-it-now-damnit itch. Ah well. Can't make up my mind if I really like this cover. Maybe if I'd read the first I could form a proper opinion. lol

Night Veil (The Indigo Court Series #2) by Yasmine Galenorn
July 5
One of my monthly themes this year is a month of Yasmine Galenorn. I want to get caught up because I looove her originality. I can't put my finger on it exactly but I'm not a fan of this cover. I like the colors chosen but not the execution of them maybe? It looks very washed out so I hope it's prettier on the actual physical book.

Kitty's Greatest Hits by Carrie Vaughn
August 16
A collection of Kitty short stories? Could be interesting. It depends on how many of them are new and how many are the ones from anthologies like Wolfsbane and Mistletoe. I wasn't very impressed with the Kitty short in that one. I like everything about this cover except for the missing wolf... or animal... shouldn't there be one?

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