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Being Human (SyFy) 1.01 -- There Goes The Neighborhood Part 1 [Mild Spoilers]

Alright, so who tuned in? I actually managed to get all of my evening chorely things finished with five minutes to spare before the premiere. Just enough time to add a shot of whipped cream vodka to my rootbeer and put on my froggie slippers.

One of the things I hate about remakes of British shows here in the US is the constant bitching that goes on beforehand. I've said it before and I'll say it once more... STFU already! Everyone knows this scenario and how it always ends. The constant whining to the interwebs is so banal. It's been bugging the hell out of me everytime I tried to find info about this version to see all the nasty remarks. Ugh!

No moving on to my actual "review"...

I enjoyed it. Was it blow me away intense like LOST? Or hysterically cheeky like Buffy? No. But the foundation has been laid for what may turn out to be a greatly entertaining show about paranormal people trying to pass for normal.

Aiden has the sexy vampire trying to go clean thing going on. He's confident until he makes a big mistake. There is some alpha-in-training going on for all you PNR fans. Josh on the other hand seems to be fumbling along as a werewolf desperate to stay hidden. He's a bit boyish, a little cowardly and by the end of the episode I was pretty smitten with his beta nature. Meanwhile, Sally surprised me. I'm not a ghosts as characters fan. I can think of only two exceptions but I won't go into those right now. I went into the episode knowing I wouldn't like her. Instead I really felt for her. I'll be tuning in with interest in where her story goes.

As far as the overall storyline goes we've only been given a little bit to work with. For me as a viewer I like that. Keep me hooked by not giving away too much too soon. Aiden's mysterious frenemy (and sire), Bishop, creeps me the heck out.

The episode ended with one hell of a cliffhanger and I can't wait for Monday! I figure if I like it I can go check out the BBC version eventually too. (And I loved this comment someone named zach had on the SyFy site: "hey man this is version pretty good i mean if they wanted an exact version they would have just played the bbc version", very astute of you zach!)

The music was killer (and SyFy has the playlist available on the site), the special effects were pretty decent for a SyFy channel show, I loved the cast, the humor was likable without trying too hard and the theme of it all was so relatable I don't see how anyone couldn't find at least that much appealing. If I had to rate the episode according to my books rating system I would give it four stars. I'm not in love yet, I liked it a lot and will be giving the show a fair shake for sure.

If you happened to miss it you can see the FULL EPISODE on SyFy's website. There's plenty of male nudity and blood in the first five minutes so at the very least... ;D LMAO

Want to see some other reviews and thoughts?
I thought this review comparing the BBC version and SyFy version from io9 was pretty helpful and interesting.
IGN also had an excellent review that said a lot more than I wanted to say in mine.
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