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Attack of the Responsibilities!

As much as I enjoy having guests come to visit us in our home, there's nothing like getting them on their way home at last. I'm not a good entertainer of guests. When folks drop by or come to stay for a few days one of the first things I let them know is that a) that I am a crappy hostess and b) they better be able to make themselves at home almost literally. Get your own drinks, raid my cupboards and feed yourself breakfast and lunch unless I'm feeling wild enough to make them and don't be afraid to mention we're out of TP or clean towels. I'm forgetful and I tend to run on Rhianna time. I eat when I'm hungry and tend to be very independent about going about my day. Keeping a guest busy with touristy stuff and chatty banter can only go so long before I start chomping at the bit to do my own thing.

The last of our holiday guests flew out on his way home this morning. It feels so good to have my house back to myself! I can pee with the bathroom door open and go bra-free without my husband bitching I'm giving everyone a show. Plus I can get the baby back into her bedroom which will hopefully cure her of the sudden onslaught of late night wake-ups she has had all week. All I want to do is relax and read this afternoon but I'm trying to be responsible. This means vacuuming the kids rooms, washing all the extra towels and bed linens our guests used, cleaning all the holiday leftovers out of the fridge, scrubbing the bathrooms, packing up the last few Christmas decorations, deflating and packing up the two camp mattresses, moving the one kids' bed back into their bedroom, moving my bedroom back the way it belongs. Then there's paying the bills and all the other daily duties. I've already ruined my beautiful manicure I got on Thursday with all these chores.

But the day isn't a total loss. I was barely awake brewing coffee and trying to get my half-hour-late kid off to school when for some reason a book cover popped into my head. Twenty minutes later as I was thinking to myself I really should buy the book that was in my head for the new Kindle I opened my email and found out I won it in a giveaway I had completely forgotten about! *squee* I so rarely win things IRL so that totally made my day. (Of course, this occurrence also begs a bit of pondering my potential psychic abilities, no? :P)

It's time for this blogger to ride off into the sunset. Hope you all have a great day and maybe have something lucky happen to you too! -- Rhi

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