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Weekend Reading [12/10-12/12] :: *epic groan*

Happy weekend peeps! I'm in one of those negative moods that you can't put into words so you kind of make this half-groan noise where your eyes go twisty, your tongue gets slack and you shake your hands around all crazy epileptic-like. I'm just kind of epicly "poopy" as we refer to it when our kids get this moody.

To be honest I can't say for sure what was the final straw that tipped the scales in favor of being cranky. A little bit of news about a family member who is screwing over two other family members yesterday did not help. I should have been born with superhero tights 'cause by nature I want to swoop in and protect the ones being taken advantage of. And then I read a blog post from an author I just found out about and am super interested in her debut novel. For some reason it made me feel defensive. Like on a level of defensive I don't reach without ample provocation. It could be I'm reading her thoughts on fanfic to be more derogatory than she intended—considering her love of fanart this seems likely—but it just made me really damned mad.

I love fanfiction, the good, the bad and the hysterically ugly. I think it's sweet when a fan has love for something so much they want to immerse themself in it like that. I've always considered it an extension of playing pretend as a child. Action figures and blankie capes are where MY fanfic days started. I think it's a very healthy form of expression, especially for adults who struggle with a need for creative outlets for their imagination but don't want to be published authors.

So anyway it got my dander up. But after reading the post through a few times I do sympathize to a point with how she was feeling. Sort of. She was concerned about how the story she cared about was ending and from the sound of it fans of whatever series that is aren't happy.

We've all experienced a series gone astray before. Or hated a decision an author made in regards to plot or which hero a heroine ended up with. For me it's an issue of happily ever afters. As a reviewer I try to not tell folks too much but I hate HEAs. What!?! Yeah, I really do. Sure, sometimes it's nice to see the hero and heroine ride off into the sunset knowing they are happy and in love. But most of the time I like more realism. I know half of all marriages end in divorce. I know that sometimes that "romance" is more about lust than love. That sexual chemistry can be like adding vinegar to baking soda... a crazy explosion of passion that eventually fizzles out. Sometimes I LIKE that bad things happen and beloved characters die.

Sometimes death or a break up or something nasty are much more satisfying for me as a reader than knowing everyone is happy when the curtain falls. Instead of thinking "and now they'll be happy and never worry again" I find myself saying "she'll be stronger now, next time she falls in love she'll appreciate the time more" or whatever. Maybe I'm just a little sadistic. :P

Sometimes people who find out I dislike HEAs think it's because I'm jaded or have had bad experiences in love. Maybe some of both are true. Haven't we all had a bad experience with love or lust? But just as I like a sad ending—and I know that sometimes it's because misery loves company and I feel good knowing bad stuff happens to other people's love lives too—I also completely get why folks love HEAs. It's that unattainable dream, the fantasy that a couple can continue loving one another without ever having another Big Misunderstanding or cheating or boredom or The In-Laws getting in the way. Sometimes we need to be uplifted by the idea that may be unrealistic but still gives us hope. (And here is where I could go into why I think Galen Keeper of the demon Hope from the Lords of the Underworld series is a fekkin' genius villain but I shan't).

And what's been keeping me from crying "DO OVER!" and going back to bed today? Well, the obvious kids and life aside I picked up The Iron Daughter from my Vine reading pile this week. Not gonna lie, I have been anxious to read this one but told myself not until I wittled down on some other reading first. If ever a series of YA books has been written that cries to my inner child this is it. I struggle to find ANY flaw within it. Somehow it manages to be epic in such a small number of pages. I have the hugest Ash crush and Grimalkin is quite possibly one of my favorite fictional characters ever. If you still haven't read The Iron King and The Iron Daughter GO BUY THEM NOW! Fans of Labrynth, Alice in Wonderland and pretty much any fae story will find something to love about it. I was reading and realized I wanted to read these with the baby when she's bigger. :)

My other choice for the weekend is H.P. Mallory's To Kill a Warlock. Every time I sit down and read a few more pages I am baffled as to why she's an indie author. The writing is better than some of the big name authors' work I've read. Don't know how much time I'll find for it since I got it as an ebook and am busy with the Dexter finale (we're getting together with friends and I was volunteered for cupcake duty), Christmas shopping and cleaning all of the pet cage/litterbox/crate/shtuff 'cause frankly it smells like a barn in here thanks to our menagerie. Ah, the joys of being mother and minion. I hope you all have much more sexy and fun plans this weekend. And if you don't do hop over to Smexy Books to read Mandi's awesome ode to the holidays it's sure to put some jolly in your weekend. ;) xoxo -- Rhi


Debbie McCune said...

Really interesting books - and being honest I have never heard of them! Will definitely look out for them! :-)



mynfel said...

Heh. The thing is, I'm not a huge fan of the HEA either. There are times when I really prefer a sad or bittersweet ending.

I think in the case that I stated in my blog post it was that (from my understanding of the review) based on what's supposed to happen, it nearly completely undoes the relationships built in the last seven books.

I certainly can't dictate what an author writes (and I don't want to), but the revelation was shocking enough that it *did* upset me a bit.

That being said, I apologize for making you mad. :)

Anonymous said...

Ah... Fanfics...

I don't really read fanfics. I used to, but I sometimes found them more enjoyable than the actual book. Personally, as long as they don't make money from a world/series that an author has already made, I don't get in a hissy fit. Why hate on something if it gets kids and adults writing? Especially if they aren't making money off of it.

And I was going to ask what is HEA, but my brain caught up with my reading. ^^; I don't mind HEAs. As long as the book is good overall, I don't really care. ^^;

Rhianna said...

Debbie- Thanks for commenting!

Allison (mynfel) - Oh by no means apologize! I actually was impressed by what you said. Sometimes I think authors keep what they really think quiet lest they offend their audience. It was a provokative thing to say and I very much respect you for voicing your opinion. :D We're all entitled to our opinions and I was inspired by what your thoughts were, obviously. lol

Iceprincess - It has been a long time since I've read a fanfic and YEARS since I dabbled in it. If you read Allison's post she does make a good point about how some folks like to "prove" they can write better than the creator of a book/film/whatever. I, personally, don't think I could do that but I did always enjoy seeing how others were inspired to take something and expand upon it in a direction the creator didn't get to. Sometimes it's just silly and IMO that's okay, at least they're writing something.

Thanks for commenting everyone!


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