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Just poppin' in for a minute...

So I know I said I'd be too busy for anything this weekend but I'm taking a lunch break. As I hastily shovel a lukewarm helping of Healthy Choice down my pie hole I thought I'd look through my blogroll and see what's been posted so far today. That reminded me of some events and giveaways I should probably note since I can't be the only reader who looooves winning something (which I totally did yesterday! *squee*) right?

Now I am no beauty maven, hell I am intimidated by foundation let alone eyeliner, but I'm always interested in learning more about make-up. Seriously... I subscribed to a magazine for teens because they tend to teach this stuff but told everyone it's for my stepkid. ;) And I forget how I stumbled on it but Tynga of Tynga's Reviews started a pretty cool makeup blog called My Makeup Addiction. Right now she's hosting a giveaway to build up her followership and while I'd normally not jump on the bandwagon I was intrigued and thought I'd become one. So far I'm liking what she's doing with the blog and am thinking about trying the Orglamix products she's been using this month when I have some extra cash on hand.

In other giveaway newness, Mandi of Smexy Books has been having a terrific 12 days of Smexymas event where she's giving away book(s) from a different author each day. Today is day six so there are still several days to enter giveaways. Plus, Smexy Books is just a fun blog to visit. Period. If you're not a fan already check it out. :)

For obvious reasons I am not taking part in it, but as my special new years goals post is in the same vein I thought I would share this! KarinLibrarian is hosting a Holiday Break Reading Challenge. How cool is this? I wish I was younger and childless merely for the sake of having the time to be a part of this event. I love the ideas I've seen so far.

And on that note peeps I must fly. The dryer just finished and I really should wipe out the fridge before we go out and get foodstuffs to fill it. Which brings my mind back to beer and bacon. Manfood will be essential this next two weeks while I'm feeding three extra dudes. Anyone interested in three thirty-something, successful single(ish) geeks? I need to find my guys some girls of their own so they don't need us to give them a place to spend Christmas. lol I know I am the awesome but I'm happily taken and cloning humans isn't legal yet so... hehe! Have a great weekend and happy reading! -- Rhi

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