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2011 Personal Reading Resolutions Challenge

Every winter as an old year ends and a new one begins the subject of resolutions comes up. I can't say I am immune to the whole thing. A new year seems as good a time as any to consider kicking bad habits, setting health improvement goals or pledging to try something new. I think we humans thrive on goal setting, the need to suceed and having set time frames for things. We're reward oriented, unless there is a light at the end of the tunnel or a carrot at the end of that stick what motivates us to keep at it?

Previously my only reading related resolutions were count related. If I'd read 55 books the one year I wanted to reach 65 the next and so on. Perfectly doable goals in the grand scheme of things but since the inception of RhiReading a lot in my life has changed making counting the books I've read unrealistic as a goal. I'd be setting myself up for failure if I told myself to read 90 books in 2011. But I am a challenge loving person, I like having goals to work toward and delight in the personal success of finishing a task I set. So I've chosen to make a list of personal challenges for 2011 and want to invite my fellow bloggers and followers to join in.

This is a completely informal challenge. There are NO rules, NO checking-in, NO giveaways, NO required reviews, NO forms to fill out. Anyone who enjoys setting personal goals—that are reading or book blogging related—at the New Year, I'd like you to make a post on your blog that you are accepting the challenge to make and attempt to achieve at least one Personal Reading Resolution Challenge goal for 2011 and link back to this post as the source of your inspiration. If you don't have a blog you can simply post a comment to this post sharing what goal(s) you set for yourself. It's simple and requires nothing more than being willing to share any special reading/book blogging related goals you have made for 2011.

With the above in mind I wanted to make a list of the Resolutions I have made and plan to try very hard to keep. You're welcome to "take" them for yourself. I'm going to add a Page to the blog where I can make notes and update as I reach goals or decide not to keep the resolutions.

1. Instead of setting a counting the number of books I read this year goal, set a page count goal for each month.

2. Discover and read/review/interview six 2011 Debut UF or PNR (NON-YA) Authors.

3. Invite a few fellow book bloggers to be interviewed or guestblog this year.

4. Share a cover art post once a month even if I've seen a dozen other bloggers post the same ones.

5. Host one giveaway each month.

6. Join a blog hop or other special blogging event.

7. Try a M/M Romance.

8. Take part in at least one reading challenge during 2011.

9. Read three banned/challenged books in 2011.

10. Save up the money to get a "real design" custom made for the blog.

11. Review some non-fiction books with speculative fiction related themes(ie. cookbooks, craft books).

12. Catch up on The Hollows, Cal Leandros, Cat Star Chronicles and Mercy Thompson series by year's end.

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