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Weekend Reading [11/05-11/07] :: Birthdays, Broken Computers, Booze & Bookends!

"Where are we going and why am I in this handbasket?" is something I'm fond of saying on my off/awful days. I think I saw it on a bumpersticker when I was a kid or something. But it hasn't been one of those days. It's been one of those weeks. Report cards. Puppy's first bath. 2 days of hubby with a stomach bug. More teething baby. Health insurance paperwork time again. Money woes. And then as I was sitting down to write my Hunger Games review on our communal computer—because it's the only one I can write at while keeping an eye on the baby—the screen went berserk. I have seen it all people. Computers are fickle beasts that need lots of TLC and the occasional exorcism. This one needs a new graphics card. >:( Damnit. Damnit. DAMNIT!

Next week I get to celebrate another birthday. Yay for living another year! Living is good. Boo for all the gravitational effects birthdays have begun to bestow upon my bod. :P

I don't know what it is but the older we get, the more my husband needs help figuring out how to buy me gifts. Our conversations regarding birthday giftage this year went something like this:

SEXY HUSBAND DUDE: I dunno what to get you for your birthday. All you want is books and you have thousands of those already.

ME: Yeah, 'cept if you're looking at Amazon you know I have more than 1 wishlist and only 3 of those are book lists.

SEXY HUSBAND DUDE: I'll buy you a new computer. I put together a system on [insert computer company here]'s site and COMPUTER GEEK FRIEND said it was a kick-ass system for the $1,500 price tag. You really need a new computer. Let's buy you a new computer baby.

ME: Um *tempted lip biting* no. We can't afford another monthly payment. Besides, I like my computer just fine. *has just lied through teeth for billionth time* Maybe next year. Take the kids to get me some flowers. I like flowers.

SEXY HUSBAND DUDE: *attempting subject change because for some reason he doesn't consider buying me flowers a "real" gift* I was thinking I'd get you some sexy lingerie for your birthday but isn't that something you're supposed to buy me for my birthday?

ME: *blinks and has baffling image of hubby dancing ala Austin Powers versus Fembots floating through head*

ME: (continued) Erm... okay. *makes mental note to buy self some buttfloss undies for hub's b-day as this is cheaper than buying him 90% of the shit he wants & will make him twice as happy* Whatever you get me is fine honey but no computer.

Don't even get me started on the "sex toys are not appropriate birthday gifts" conversation we had. *giggles* I mean seriously! How do you giftwrap those items and then tell the kids (especially the ones who are now old enough to catch on something is "up") that the only present dad got mom can't be opened in front of them? Valentine's day gift when the kids aren't around maybe. Otherwise? NoooooOOOOooooOo!

Truth be told, what I would really like for my birthday is for someone to get the laundry caught up for me. Or just to clean our room in general. LOL I don't get time for it since it's the last room anyone aside from us sees but naturally it drives me nuts going to bed at night when the room is piled high with clean, unfolded laundry, dusty furniture and a closet filled with stuff and always left hanging open. Perhaps I should just say I wish I could have one whole uninterupted day to relax in my clean room on my clean and MADE bed listening to music and reading books with the occasional snack of cheese, fruit and chocolate, a little wine. Not likely to happen.

I'm debating inviting the MIL to do a thrift shop book crawl on Saturday though. Lately I've had such awesome finds I now have more than 50 used books on my office floor with no home! Hmmm, maybe if I do some budget book buying I can convince the Sexy Husband Dude to buy me the Star Wars Death Star Trash Compactor Bookends over at our favorite Star Wars collectible outlet Entertainment Earth. Every book lover needs bitchin' bookends don't they?

*yawn* Dunno what it is but I am draggin' ass today. My daddy sent me some $$$ for the birthday so I spent it on dog bones for the puppy, cheap sushi, a bottle of Chambord and an 8-pack of Guinness Draught. But don't tell my dad, somehow I think the "recovered" alcoholic would frown on his baby girl's taste for Irish beer and French black raspberry liqueur. With some of that moolah left I'm debating putting it toward the above mentioned book shopping. Somehow I feel guilty buying any more books until I wittle down some of my Vine TBR pile and a few other "for review" copies. Perhaps I'll skip a theme in December and do another month of catching up as uncool/unfun as that is.

But enough of my rambles about my impending doom birthday... what are you guys reading this weekend? I'm working on The Darkest Passion. I always liked Aeron but never really LIKED him. And now I kind of adore him. Olivia is my favorite heroine yet and I'm struggling with where Gena went with Legion so far. Maybe it won't turn out how it seems *fingers crossed* because I really like Legion. I don't want anything bad to happen to her. It's making me sad again just to bring it up. Maybe during tonight's reading time I'll find out 'cause the suspense is killing me.

A lot of stuff going on around the blogosphere today.

Rachel Vincent sounds like she's having quite the day with her writing. In turn I'm getting anxious to find out what her new adult series is about and what it's gonna be called!!! Granted I'm one book behind on Soul Screamers and I still need to buy/read Alpha. I just hate seeing Shifters end.

Andrea Cremer put the Wolfsbane cover up! *squee* I like it and I don't. I like the colors, green is my fave. I don't like Calla's hair in it, one of the things I loved about the Nightshade cover was her hair being kind of everywhere, it felt wild. But hell, it could have a picture of a cardboard box on it I'd be excited to read it! ;D

Molly Harper has been working on some Jane Jameson goodness. I'm not a huge funny-PNR kind of gal but when it's done right I LOVE it and this series amuses the hell outta both the MIL and myself.

Jeanne C. Stein has some info on her novella for the Hexed anthology coming out next year. Literally I looked for the preorder the day before she posted this and found nothin'. But it's up on Amazon now if you're interested the link is in Jeanne's post.

Lots of giveaways and coverart posts galore this week but I simply don't feel like dredging up the links to anything other than the above tidbits. I think I'm gonna head off to do that reading I mentioned and catch some shuteye. Hope your weekend is fab and filled with reading awesomeness! -- Rhi

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So, your b-day is coming up? Happy birthday. ;) I need to remember to send a birthday card to my grandpa before the 12th. And then call my dad on the 19th to wish him a happy birthday - that is, if he is still on the road. So many b-days in November for my family. ^^;

The Star Wars book ends actually look kind of cute. I recently had to buy a new book case because I needed more room. Heee... <3

At the moment, I'm reading a book from my library. I'm re-reading the first three books in the House of Night Series, reading the fourth book of the series, and reading the first book in the Faerie Wars Series (which I bugged my library to get the 2nd and 4th books since they are missing them). *COUGHS* Anyways, I have to finish reading them all before 11/16 ;_;. I keep getting distracted. >.>

I started researching completed series, so if you thought of any, let me know. ^^

I never knew there were this many completed series. I guess either I don't pay attention to them, or they aren't as advertised as the ongoing. >.> Oh, well~

Happy birthday~


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