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Happy Birthday to Rhi!

Happy birthday to moi!

Last year was the big 3-0, that dreaded 30th birthday. This year I admit the temptation to start counting backwards isn't so far off. Ah, well. Not sure what the plan for the day is. Big kid is at school, hubby is at work and guess what I caught? Oh yeah, his lovely fruckin' stomach bug. :(

I even forgot it was my birthday until a relative called and said "happy birthday" after I said hello. Whoops. Maybe could have something to do with the baby being up every hour last night and the dog whining at 5am waking the hubs who then told her to shut up which woke me up. Typical man he just let her whine instead of taking her out so guess where I was at 5:30am? Yeeeah, watching the dog poop in the rain. Awesome! *sarcasm*

I'm trying to think of today as a blank slate start to another year of my life. Out with the old and bad, in with the positive energy and creative flow. I need to get some reading and writing done this week so maybe that mindset will help.

I finished The Darkest Passion last night and it was really good. I'm still not happy with the Legion side of the storyline but I assume it will continue later. That Gena, she's a tricksy one. ;) Started The Darkest Lie. Gideon's been my favorite for a while now so I hope I like this one. Don't want to put too high of expectations on it. That can be a bad thing.

And since it's my birthday and this is my blog & my 250th Post I think I'll just post something fun I feel like gushing about... the Sucker Punch trailer went up last week! Enjoy! -- Rhi


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday.

I hope you get better.

Rhianna said...

Thanks there Icey. The day got better and I now have a funny story about the baby and the Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip at Chili's to tell people when she's older. And my kids bought me the new Bluray Beauty and the Beast to replace my DVD copy they lost. YAY!

Anonymous said...

Awww... That's so sweet. I like nice kids - especially when they are in the library. It's the ones that move everything on the days I volunteer that I don't like. ^^;

I like the movie Beauty and the Beast. I've seen the Christmas one of it too. I just love Disney's old classics. Too bad they don't make movies like them anymore. :(


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