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RhiReading Feature: Weekend Reading [10/29-10/31]

Technically it's not the weekend yet... I'm trying to get this written on Thursday because my kids have dentist appointments on Friday which means I don't think I will have time to write up a post at all to start the weekend.

My kids see a pretty cool dentist. His office is totally kid friendly. Video games in the waiting room, big TV with kid flicks playing and a special vending machine for after visits. They also have two really awesome fish tanks back in the area my kids will be in to get cleanings. I won't lie though... I never get to read while we wait. Why? Because there are always a billion people crammed into the waiting room and my kids fight constantly. *sigh* Oh how I look forward to visits to MY doctors and their quiet reading friendly waiting rooms. LOL

If I did get to read though I would be working on The Iron Duke. I'm going slow on it. At first I couldn't figure out why but given some time to think I've decided part of it is that the world building takes time to unravel in my mind. Even having read the prequel in Burning Up I've felt like I was missing some stuff. I took a break from it yesterday just to work on In Enemy Hands by K.S. Augustin, a scifi romance. It's pretty good but not very action packed so I'm eager to get through it. I had anticipated a little less wangsty observational stuff and more intrigue. Augustin definitely has an awesome mind for good scifi and she knows how to write really juicy sex scenes. Sometimes I just need something good and steamy. If most of Carina Press' offerings are like this I think I'm in need of that ebook reader afterall.

I haven't received an email about Meljean Brook's guest post yet so I'm not sure if it will be up over the weekend or not. But that's okay, right? We can wait until next week if needs be. :)

Okay, scratch that folks, right after I finished and scheduled this post for tomorrow I checked my email and guess who had written back to me? *grins* And it is a fantastic guestblog she has written for us to enjoy! I would have shared it on Sunday but with the holiday I imagine many of us will be busy carving pumpkins, doing last minute costume sewing or hosting a party. Better to schedule it for Saturday morning. So do please stop by again then for a really interesting discussion about The Guardians and The Iron Seas.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

I did get another chapter of Demon Angel in while the baby was napping today. If there's one thing I can say about Brook's writing she makes me feel a little slow. :P And I mean that in a good way! There's so much depth to the writing and mythology I almost feel put off my game. Some of it requires me to read it twice before it sinks in. Bad for me, but it says a lot about how great her world building and dialog are.

Any special Halloween plans dear readers? I've got cupcakes and pumpkin carving planned. Fingers crossed that our weather holds out through Sunday. It's been in the 50s all week but normally we are below 20 around Halloween so it'd be nice to take the baby out for her first trick or treat and not give her frostbite. But I suppose if it's very nasty we'll only do a few houses and then go raid gramma's house for treats the baby can actually eat. Maybe grandma will have some Cheerios on hand.

Have a super awesome Halloween and get lots of reading done! Drop in with a comment and let me know what you're reading right now, please. -- Rhi

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Anonymous said...

Nope... No special plans here for Halloween. Though, the weather is supposed to be good here, so I guess I will read some books. What is everyone in your family dressing up as?

I meant to ask this in my last comment, but do you know any good single books or series that are completed? Every book or series I know is either ongoing or the series is in it's 20th or so book. >.>

Well, my sister and I are about to go to Walmart and browse around, so comment more later. :)

Yosh... let's try posting this comment again since the OpenID wanted to be a brat. >.<

Rhianna said...

Hmmm good question. I find it hard to find stand-alone books in the genres I like. I know that Rachel Vincent's Shifters series just ending with book 6, Alpha. It is one of my all-time favorites. Also, Meljean Brook mentions in her guestpost today that the Guardians series is almost done complete.

I have to agree with her and with you about how a series can run too long. Sure, it's hard to let go of beloved characters and worlds but I feel like it's better to lose them when they're good and it's enjoyable than have them fizzle out poorly. Plus, I really prefer reading all in a series back to back when possible. As sad as it is I am one of those who kind of forgets what happened in a last book if I don't get to the next soon enough and then I struggle to recall the events.

I think I'll make a point to search out some finished series or stand-alones to post about in the near-ish future. Any particular genre you are interested in? Adult or YA titles?

Anonymous said...

Oh... yay. I'll be sure to put her series on my wanted lists.

I like both adult and young-adult, but I'm trying to find some more smut-ish adult books.

As for genre, I tend to like the same ones as you.

A couple of the long series I have on my list, but not buying until the author gets closer to finishing the series are Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and a couple of others. >.>

The only series that I have on my book shelf that's ongoing is Vampire Kisses, and that's only because the people at my library kept on stealing them and not returning them. >.>

I also have Karen Marie Moning's books on my list. I know that the Fever series will be ending soon, but there will be related or spin-offs to it. Then with the Highlander series, she said that she has no plans to end it.

*SIGHS* I hate having a long wishlist, and not knowing if the author will ever complete a series. >.>"

Thanks for helping me search. I think I know a couple of series that are going to be completed, but my brain is fried right now. ^^;

Well, off to fill out more applications, in hope of someone hiring for the holiday rush. ;)


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