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November Pain & December Plans

Been feeling kind of icky for the past few days. The weather can't make up its mind and with the mornings being around freezing and the afternoons sunny and warm I'm getting that wonky draggyness. Granted I totally burned myself out while my mom was visiting but I didn't think I'd be this bad.

Worst of it all is my gallbladder. My what? Yeah, I started having "stomach" pain last October right after I had the baby and by February I was bedridden with no clue what was causing it. I thought maybe I had an ulcer or something so I finally went to see a doctor only to find out I need my gallbladder removed. Apparently this is common in women who are or have recently been pregnant. But since I was doing that whole breastfeeding thing I wanted to wait and have the surgery after the baby is weaned. But lately it hurts so bad I've been living on ibuprofen and apple juice.

On top of it the little pumpkin princess is teething like a baby shark... just when I went to bed on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) she woke up and refused to go back to sleep. Now it's a matter of weaning her slowly so I can have this surgery and get this damn useless organ out. Not gonna lie... I am scared shitless to go under anesthesia for all the usual reasons. The surgery itself sounds pretty simple and not very invasive compared to other stuff but damn if I'm not still scared. Am I being unreasonable? I dunno. I'm a worrier by nature so all I can do is think what if the worst happens... who will take care of my kids? Will they be okay? How long before my husband finds someone new? Oh yeah, Rhianna has some issues with this crap. :P Wish me luck getting this other stuff done so I can stop being a big chicken and have the surgery though cause I don't think I can live in this pain much longer.

Meanwhile, my reading time keeps getting cut. My three "hobbies" are reading, embroidery and World of Warcraft. Embroidery is pretty much something I only do when we rent movies and I'm up to being half distracted. But lately WoW has been calling me. Before the baby it was kind of our daily couples-time/social-"hour". In fact, this Christmas we're having our main play group stay with us for the holidays. It's been a lot of fun planning the surprise gifts for each member of our little "clan". Knowing the rough budget for each person's gift since 3 people are going in on each (my hubby and I get to count as 1 person on this lol) I can only imagine what kind of crazy gift the guys (yeah I am the token chick in our group) are getting me. I'm thinking perhaps a Kindle? We shall see. But the new expansion for WoW comes out on December 7th so I forsee that whole month being slow for me and reading again.

So with the new year fast approaching I have a couple of plans in motion. I'm going to continue the author themed months at least for a few months. I really want to use that to motivate me to try some of these authors who's books I have sitting here and haven't tried. I'll still be reading a lot of other stuff as time permits but at this rate I'll never read some of these authors. I mean, I bought the Psy/Changelings series books when there were only 4 or 5 out and now there are almost 10! Wow. I suck. :P With that in mind I'm making November Gena Showalter Month. Why Gena? Because a) she just rocks, I love her attitude and how she treats fans and b) I recently found a bunch of her backlog on the shelves at the Salvation Army plus I'm behind in reading review copies from the Vine program that are her books. Must remedy that FAST! Other authors I am considering inclue Jeaniene Frost, Nalini Singh, P.C. Cast, Carrie Vaughn and Yasmine Galenorn. Feel free to drop a comment and tell me about an author you think I should be reading!

OH and guess what? My son was reading The Hunger Games in the doc's office the other day (go flu shot season) and the nurse mentioned the controversey about it at her son's school! Apparently her kid had a problem checking out Twilight at his school (I guess he is only 7 but still...) and I am just baffled about all this. I really need to sit down and go through the school district's website and find the head of the library department to let them know how annoyed I am about this censorship crap. *sigh* What do you think dear readers? If your kid was being told they couldn't check out certain books in an elementary school library because OTHER parents had complained about them would you feel it was your duty to confront it?

Well lunch time had rolled around. I better go get the baby some vittles and attempt to get her to nap. Maybe I'll nap too even though The Iron Duke is beckoning me. :/ I hate having to choose between catching up on sleep and reading. That's it... I need to be cloned damnit! Have a fab week and please tell your friends there's only one week left to enter the giftcard giveaway. -- Rhi

P.S. -- I totally meant to write something here about NaNoWriMo because I seriously want to take part but know I don't have time this year. But Lynn Vielh has this list of Ten Things to Try When Writing Your NaNoWriMo Novel that I thought was really awesome. Had to share it.

Oh, and double P.S. -- Would any of you fellow bloggers out there be interested in doing a guest post in January? I was thinking of inviting a few other bloggers to write guest posts next year. Maybe about book blogging specifically or advice for book bloggers or how they got into it. Something in that vein. Might help get some exposure for your blog and (okay this is selfish but...) mine too. Email me (always.and.neverATgmailDOTcom) if you're interested!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about your gallbladder. I hope you can get the surgery soon. My mom is trying to get a colonoscopy and mammogram done since she is 50 and you are supposed to get those screenings done. Though, we have to wait since we have no insurance and not enough money – the economy still sucks. >.>” I’ve been putting in applications, but still nothing. I hope you won’t have money problems, when you get yours. ^^

Ahhh… Christmas, the time of wondering what to get everyone and not blowing your savings/money from your bank accounts – annoying and fun at the same time. I do the old fashion way since I’m 22, broke, no job, not going to school – I make something. ;) Last year, I made a CG and sent it to everyone I know. (http://i949.photobucket.com/albums/ad340/ice-pricess-sama/CG/drawing1copy.png) You might get a Kindle? I keep thinking I might want one, but I like physical books in my hand. Oh, well~

As for censorship in school, that wasn’t really such a big deal when I was little since we were swamped with school readings. If the schools are being a problem, maybe go check it out at your library? Public libraries can’t really restrict what your kids check out – with the exception of videos – since it’s the parents’ job to do the restricting. School libraries tend to have more restrictions, but at my schools, if it was on the shelf, you could check it out. As for confronting the school over it, I would see if it’s at the public library first since, like I said, they will most likely have it. Then if they don’t, bug the school about censorship.

Ahhh… NaNoWriMo, one of my Internet friends is doing that. She’s trying to get me to join, but I like writing at my own pace – plus, I like reading more than writing. :X I believe she said that she’s crazy for going through it again – sleeplessness and ranting will be prominent from her during the whole month. ^^

As for guest posts, sounds interesting, but I wouldn’t be interested in doing it – just reading it. It would just filled with randomness. ;)

Anyways, have a safe and fun Halloween. (http://i949.photobucket.com/albums/ad340/ice-pricess-sama/CG/Halloweencopy.png) Yes, I drew it with Photoshop. ;)

Now, I’m going to stop before I make an essay on this comment. (laughs) o/

Rhianna said...

lol an essay? Nah, I love it. It's nice getting a comment that shows someone was actually reading what I wrote. You rock!

Money and medical situations are that one thing in life that just... yeah, it's like... you need the surgery or medicine or whatever to live and work to pay for it but without it you can't live and work. I've been fortunate there but my mom is hurting that way and I get frustrated because I can't afford to help her. I just keep hoping she will qualify for disability eventually. And you are so very right about the economy.

I usually enjoy Christmas because I love surprising people with a gift they wouldn't expect. My favorite is stocking stuffing but my husband hates that part. I think it's the challenge of finding items that fit inside but will still be enjoyable. My big kids know the secret finally but we're starting all over with the baby so it may be even more fun. I do enjoy making gifts too but I'm not very good at much.

I'm not really sure I want an ebook reader to be honest. I prefer mass market paperbacks for their portability, price and 'cause I too love the feel of a book in my hands. Yet at the same time it would be nice to have one so I can read some of the digital galleys I have away from my desk.

Well poo, I could also write an essay here but I had some things I wanted to start writing for the blog. Thanks for commenting! I love your CG's btw! I haven't done anything like that in a couple of years but I may have to find the time this Christmas. :)

Anonymous said...

Hee... I'm happy you like long comments, and thanks for liking my CG art. ;)

I know how you feel over reading with real books - I like them because on Amazon (on certain books), there is a 4 for 3 promotion. The only thing I don't like is with series, you never know when they will end. I'm one of those types where even if I have already read it from the library, if I have the series, I need every book. That's why I hate it when authors make series so long. That's why I read to see when they end the series or how many books they have a contract for - I like to know if it ever ends. >.>" My to buy list is very long since most authors don't answer that question. I keep wondering why they can't keep it at a nice low number - and 20 isn't low. >.>" I better go make my X-mas book list. >.<

Show your CG, if you do one. ;)


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