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RhiReading Feature: Weekend Reading [09/24-09/26]

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I usually don't bother to get one of these up if I didn't have time to write on Friday. But hey, I've had a bit of a crazy week and needed some time to just sit and relax in my office. Of course, my office is also known as the laundry room but I spent an hour cleaning up the corner that is MINE last night so it's now a spot I want to sit down for a few.

Haven't had much time to read yet this weekend. I've got some family coming to visit this coming week and getting ready for the visit has been a bit on the chaotic side. There's nothing like having three guests with special dietary needs and physical infirmaties to send a person like me (neurotic and flighty) into a miserable dither! On top of that I'm in the middle of planning the baby's first birthday party and I am so bad at this kind of thing. All I know is I want to do a cupcake theme on a small budget inviting my husband's coworkers and a couple of friends 'cause none of my relations live near enough. Then my mum asked if she could stay for three weeks and well... we mix like oil and vinegar, really well when the situation is right but it takes some work. ;)

As I was cleaning up around my office though I was super happy to find that I have a BUNCH of awesome stuff to giveaway here on the blog next month that I forgot I had put aside. Extra copies of books, bookmarks and a set of mini nail polishes. Follow the blog to be kept informed of when the giveaway starts.

Over the weekend I am hoping to get Bespelling Jane Austen finished. I've never read any of Austen's books. I tend to rebel against what is popular so I always avoided them when other girls and women extolled them. It doesn't help that I really dislike the Regency era. The more books I read from that era the more I hate how men acted. So not my kind of hero.

...and speaking of heroes... my husband is a huge Spartacus fan. You might even call it a man-crush he loves that show so much. So I finally sat down and started watching it with him since the Bluray of season 1 just hit shelves this week. I've always been more into reading historically set fiction books taking place in Roman times than more civilized times so it wasn't hard to get really into it. And how can a girl complain when there's so much man candy parading about in the buff? I like the equal male to female nudity ratio thank-ya-very-much. How frustrating that the show has been put on hold while its star battles cancer. :(

The other book I am working on is Strange Brew. Some big name urban fantasy authors in here. Patricia Briggs. Jim Butcher. So far it's okay. None of the stories have really bitten me and made me want to get bit again. I can say I like reading authors I already enjoy, such as Briggs, writing something connected but not within the series they are already known for though.

Well, I am off to get some of these chores I only think to do when company is coming. Can we say dusting picture frames and tossing out the magazines in the bathroom? lol May what's left of your weekend be fun and the coming week be even better! -- Rhi

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