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RhiReading Feature: Weekend Reading [09/17-09/19]

One of the unpleasant parts of living in Montana, aside from the fact many Americans think we're part of Canada, is the climate. Some years the summers can be dastardly, filled with forest fires and heatwaves that kill power. But most years winter starts as early as July. No, I'm not exaggerating. I've seen it snow on the 23rd of July. The saying here goes: "Don't like the weather? Wait five minutes and it will change." Too true, that statement is.

Our forecast for Friday through Monday was rain. Being from Washington I was born on a rainy day. I love rain. I prefer rain to other forms of weather. But here on the high plains it doesn't rain very often and when it does it's usually followed by hail, high winds and snow. Sure enough... just as I was packing the baby and the puppy into the car for a vet visit this morning the rain turned into snow. Yuck!

Fortunately, we've got lots of supplies, some rental DVDs & Blurays, stacks of books and a brand new XBOX360 to keep the big kids busy 'cause this wet snow usually downs power lines and knocks out power for hours. I foresee a long weekend of meself grumbling as I layer on flannels, sweaters and socks.

I guess I shall have to be content and stay warm with Burning Up. I'm almost finished! I am sooooooo ready for The Iron Duke to come out already. I wanted an ARC but didn't want to commit to a review for it. Why? If I really love a series I tend to avoid reviewing it unless it is YA. Mostly because I worry I won't be objective enough. The Black Dagger Brotherhood is a good example of that. I enjoy it so much I often excuse or forgive things I see other reviewers griping about. :P That and with many of them going to hardbacks and me being obsessive about mass markets being my preferred form there's just no point reviewing by the time I read them.

I also received a huge package in the mail yesterday from HarperTeen. I scratched my head and thought "hmmm why are they sending me stuff?" but it was filled with some 2011 YA books. Not UF stuff but the premise for the January release, See What I See by Gloria Whelan, was so good I sat down and read half of it last night. I know, I know. Bad Rhianna. Not supposed to start it yet. Ah well. Pffffft! It couldn't be helped, it's not every day you pick up a book and find that you have (or in my case had at that age) a strangely large bit in common with a character's circumstances. Be sure and check back in December for the review!

Well anyhow, my boy just walked in from school with cheeks red and whining about the cold. I'm off to make him some hot chocolate. May your weekend be warm and cozy, filled with relaxation and bookish delights! -- Rhi

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Anonymous said...

I'm the last person who commented on your blog about the hard reading (KS). I forgot I had a wordpress and that I could use it on here. Hee Hee ^^;

I find this theme much easier to read, though the bright colors on the right is a little... umm... annoying. >.>

Something like how the right looks is something that I can read.


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