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RhiReading Feature: Weekend Reading [09/10-09/12]

*yawn* Oh yeah... wait to start the Friday blogging. Big yawn. But I have an excuse... the past couple of weeks have been spent trying to fit in reading between puppy training, baby duties, starting up fall cleaning, back-to-school hooplah and my man's new hobby... falconry.

Yeah, you read that last one right. Falconry. As it happens when we were newly married he took me to visit his extended family where I met his oldest cousin, who might as well be my husband's sibling for the way they go at each other (lol). His cousin is one of those eternal bachelors who shares my love of Guinness, Norse mythology and despite his metal band preference admitted at our first meeting to liking Enya (we're both insomniacs). We get along like peas and carrots. At our first visit he introduced us to Mr. E, his red-tailed hawk, and the sport of falconry. I honestly thought it was a medieval thing and had no idea it was even legal to do any of it.

Fast forward a decade and guess what he's finally convinced my husband to do? Yeeeeah. Which means the past few weeks have been my husband tweaking out about getting a sponsor (a falconer has to apprentice for 2 years under a master), building a mews (errr... is that the plural or singular or both?) and studying for the test he has to take before he can trap his first bird. When I could have been curled up with that Nalini Singh short story in Burned Up enjoying some nice slap-n-tickle I was reading questions out loud about species of raptors (falcons, hawks, owls, eagles... you get the idea), their breeding habits and illnesses. Blurgh!

But it got me thinking about an Emma Holly book I read years ago. Catching Midnight is a shapeshifter story in a kinda fantasy-ish setting and the heroine ends up becoming a falcon at some point. Of course, she gets trapped by the hero and lusty business ensues. Definitely not the kind of birding adventures my husband will be having. He took his test today so hopefully our completely unhot study sessions paid off and he'll be able to get his first bird soon. In the meantime we have to buy a chest freezer (oh yay Home Depot/Sears/etc. here we come! *sarcasm*) to store dead pigeons (to train the red-tail he'll be trapping) in. Eww. Falconry from cool to sexy to gross in one blog post. ha!

So what are you dear readers up to this weekend? Aside from freezer shopping I'm hoping to get some more fall cleaning type stuff done, watch a few episodes of Smallville S9 with my man (mmm Justin Hartley) and win some cool stuff from the big BlogFest thing that so many of the blogs I was already following are taking part in. OMG how could I have missed out on being part of this? I'm so bummed. My 17 followers are all totally the awesome but they do seem a little lonely. I was going to start the giveaway process for my blogiversary today but since there are all those other giveaways happening this weekend I thought it might be a bad time. I did, however, get out to the mall and found something to add to the giveaway goodie box I've started. :D

...and I totally treated myself to some Bath & Body Works goodies. I haven't had any nice pretty smelling stuff in a couple of years. Pregnancy always kills my sense of smell. So anyways falcon boy is calling me to the love dungeon to watch Smallville. I'm gonna go put on some nice smelling lotion and cuddle up with my RL superhero. May your weekend be fantastic and don't forget to head over and check out BlogFest!!! Seriously, killer giveaways!!! Everything from Kindles and $5-$50 giftcards for Amazon & Book Depository to book promo swag (bookmarks, magnets, pens,etc.) and signed copies of books. I had an absolutely heyday signing up for some. Found some great new blogs I didn't know about in the process as well. Ain't that the point? And I'm working on Burning Up still, on Angela Knight's story and finding it a little... slowish. Wish me luck getting time for reading. ;) Besties! -- Rhi

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