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I Heart Viral Marketing!

Happy Wednesday dear readers! I'm having one of those days we call an ADD day around here. I can't seem to sit and finish anything in completion. I get a pile of laundry half folded and when I take the kids clothes upstairs I find that the dog dish needs water so I take it to the sink and notice the windows are dirty so I go find the cleanser and do the living room window only to find the plants need a little water... do you see where this is going? hehehe.

I seriously need my mother to come visit so I can beg some help with some of these bigger tasks. Like changing the hall lightbulbs that need replacing. It requires a ladder so natch I can't do it alone. Then there's all these calls that need to be made to reschedule dentist's appointments and such. That saying about a woman's work never being done... oh yeah, that woman is ME. :P

But I am forcing myself to take little breaks to sit down and hit the interwebs. I have email and tracking on packages to check. I must email the teacher about homework. But wait... I should really make a blog post today. Why?

I keep forgetting to mention the freaking wicked coolest thing ever! I dunno how many of you remember when they were doing all that awesome viral marketing for The Dark Knight a couple of years back? I was already stoked to see it but that viral marketing campaign managed to make my husband and I practically frothing at the mouth for it. Then Heath Ledger died and I didn't want to see it anymore because I was (and still am) a huge fan and for some weird reason (my mother pointed out we were just a few months apart in age so I kind of grew up watching his work like a peer) found it really difficult emotionally. But anyways... that whole campaign did two things, got me really into something before it was released and made me wish more films/books/games did that!

Every once in a while you do see cool viral stuff. Those True Blood ones people were sharing pics of before I had even heard of the show. District 9's TV advertisements. And now Nightshade, that book I recently reviewed and am uber in love with, has its own viraly type prequel marketing going on. I soooo wish I'd been one of the lucky folks who got mailed a calla lily with the key and stuff. I forget who in the blogosphere I saw got them but definitely would go on my office shelf with my books and treasures. On top of it Shay Doran now has a Facebook page and videos on YouTube! *squee* I can't even get through the first one because of baby interuptions and phone calls but I decided I would post about it NOW and finish it tonight when the baby goes down. What I have seen though... *dances* oooh it's sooo neat. Really makes me feel more like part of the book.

So without anymore rambling nonsense on my part here is the first one of Shay's vids.

I'm off to eat a very late lunch and feed the doggie. Have a good one! -- Rhi

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